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No one believes a Death Eater

Who: Evan and Remus
When: After Sirius and Harry are kidnapped and no one knows yet
Where: Flourish and Blotts
Rating: PG-13 language
Description: Evan does a good deed and tells Remus that the Death Eaters have Sirius and James. Remus doesn't believe him...

Evan pulls the door closed behind him as he steps into Flourish and Blotts. He's not sure if you're even here because of what's been going on. Surely you'd be anywhere but here. Looking around the shop, he runs his fingers through his already messy hair and steps towards the front counter - an obvious place for you to be. He looks fatigued; bags under his eyes, the colour draining from as well, his face a shade lighter than it is usually.

Remus is oblivious to the new arrival and steps out from the stacks with a book in hand an a customer trailing behind him. "It is rather biased, as any book inherently is," Remus is saying, smiling at the older gentleman. "But I believe it gives as accurate depiction of life back then as any book on that era, but with the added colour of the letters between the two lovers." His eyes flicker over at you and he sighs inwardly but continues on behind the counter to put the book into a bag. "That will be eight galleons please." The man fumbles with his change but finally counts out eight galleons into Remus' hand which he places in the register. "Enjoy," he says as he hands the book to the man and looks around for anothe customer to help, hoping that you won't bother him.

Evan distracts himself for a few moments, trying to play off as though this were a normal visit. He picks up a book and thumbs through it, waiting for you to finish up with the customer. As the gentleman passes by him, he sets the text down and walks over to you, slipping a hand into his pocket. "We need to talk," he says plainly and glances around quickly. "But not out here."

Remus looks skeptical and glances around them. "There's no one close." There are a few people near them, but he doesn't consider anything you have to say as very important.

Evan sighs heavily and rolls his eyes. "Fine, we'll do this my way..." he mutters. What he has to say is very important and for you to automatically play him off as though his words mean nothing anger him. So he rounds the counter, grabs your arm and drags you to the room outback.

Remus sputters indignantly as you manhandle him. "Let me go," he hisses, knowing from past experiences that you're stronger than him (damn you). He tries to make it seem like this is normal, but as soon as they're out the back, he begins struggling again. "What the fuck are you doing?" he asks angrily.

Evan lets go of your arm and immediately walks over to the door and presses his ear to it, wondering if things can be heard through it. Pulling away from it, he stares it for a few moments, unsure of it still even though he couldn't hear a thing from the other side. He takes out his wand and mutters a spell to place a charm over the door. "Relax Lupin,"he says in a dull tone while turning to look at you and tuck his wand away."For once, just trust me because what I'm about to tell you could have me killed."

Remus watches you with suspicion as you press your ear to the door and then cast a silencing charm. This all seems a bit over the top and he wonders vaguely if you're going to kill him. "What?" he asks bluntly, deciding to see just what's so important before he throws you out of here.

Evan licks his lips and runs his fingers through his hair for a second time. "It's Sirius and Harry..." he begins, watching your reaction closely. He knows you, not well, but he knows you well enough to predict your reaction when matters involve Sirius and even Harry. "We have them."

Remus snorts. "That's what you came to tell me? Why? Does it amuse you to play with me like this?" He shakes his head, looking annoyed. "Sirius is at the Ministry and Harry is safe. End of story. Now if you don't mind, I have a store to run." He heads towards the door, intent on getting back to work. He doesn't know what you're playing at but he's not impressed.

Evan was sort of expecting you to act this way. It was either that or extreme mayhem and nervousness from you. "I'm serious!" He protests and grabs your shoulder before you can make it to the door, spinning you around rather violently. "Sirius is not at the Ministry and Harry is not safe, Remus! The Death Eaters have them and if your lot doesn't do something about it then--" He cuts himself off, knowing the inevitable outcome and fates of their lives.

Remus is really getting sick of being pushed around by you and he glares up at you, taking a step back. "Sirius is at the Ministry," he repeats, as if you're stupid. "He went in this morning. He's going to be there all day. And Harry, well, Harry's safe. That's all you need to know. I know your lot want to get their hands on him, but we're going to make sure they don't. I don't know what sick thrill you're getting out of trying to worry me, but it's not going to work. This is just another stupid prank isn't it? It's been a while, but then you've never matured."

"Yes, he went this morning." Evan pulls his sleeve up a bit and points to his watch. "Have you wondered why he isn't back yet?" He asks in a firm tone, glaring right back at you. His patience is wearing thin, then again it never lasted around you.

Remus frowns. "So he was asked to do overtime. So what? It isn't the first time and it won't be the last." He is getting frustrated and he doesnt want to believe what you're saying. But you know what? There is just no way this is possible. And now Remus is getting angry. "Look, I don't appreciate you coming in here and making wild claims. I want you to leave right now before I call the MLE."

Evan knows you've got him cornered with that threat and he clenches a hand into a tight fist, gritting his teeth at the same time. But he closes his eyes and turns his head away, breathing steadily. "Fine," he breaths out softly. "If that's how you want it... But don't say I didn't try to help. And so help me God, that when you find out this is real and look to me for help.... I will hex you so fucking fast you won't even know what hit you."

"And when Sirius apparates home later, I'll be sure to tell him and have a good laugh at your expense," Remus retorts, losing patience now. He wrenches open the door and gazes pointedly at you. "Get the hell out of here," he says in a low voice as there are customers wandering around outside. "And don't ever show your face around here again."

"I didn't intend to," Evan sneers through gritted teeth. He walks out the door and stops right next to you. "I'll be sure to let Sirius know you decidingly left him to the hands of the Dark Lord," he says in a low and dangerous tone. As he turns to walk away, he stops once again and looks over his shoulder at you. "James and Lily will be so upset... Such a pity," he concludes, still in a low tone like before. With that, he walks away, heading for the front door.

Remus rolls his eyes at your dramatics and follows you out into the store, closing the door behind him. "Just go, Rosier. I've got better things to do than listen to your lies."

"I'm sure you do," he replies under his breath. Evan opens the door to the shop and begins to step out. "Git," he mutters and slams the door shut behind him as he leaves.
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