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Severus Ignatius Snape

Who: Pansy Parkinson and Severus Snape
What: Snape goes to pretty much do nothing more than pour a few potions down Pansy's throat. Aspen is not dead or so Pansy would like to believe.
Where: Hogwart's Great Hall
When: The late night of August 25th
Rating: PG

Severus slammed the door to his office and strode toward the Great Hall with purpose. This was not good. He did not like the looks of any of the entries he had just read. Aspen Parkinson and his wife were most likely dead by now. He had taught Aspen and had found him to be a tolerable student, as most Ravenclaws were. Severus simply shook his head to clear it and continued on his way. He hoped Miss Parkinson was not experiencing a nervous breakdown yet. He had brought along a few vials of calming and dreamless sleep potions just in case.

Pansy was sitting in chair in the great hall, she'd been told to sit and wait. So she was . . . Albeit she was sitting nervously and biting her lip the way she did whenever she was uncomfortable. She'd never felt Hogwarts so empty, and she didn't want to be here. And no one was telling her anything. At all. She looked up when she heard the door open she looked up quickly but didn't say anything. She hadn't cried yet . . . Not really. She was too shocked, and her mind was too busy to let it all sink in.

Severus pushed open the double doors of the Great Hall with more force than necessary. The Great Hall was empty of everything except for the Head Table. He spotted you seated at the Head Table. Where was Shacklebolt? Didn't they think to leave anyone to watch you? He walked up to you and stopped across from you. "Miss Parkinson."

Pansy looked up when you walked in. She didn't make a move to get up or anything, she just stayed sitting where she was and nodded at you. "Hello sir." She said quietly. She didn't feel much of anything, just a bit numb perhaps.

Severus studied you more carefully. Your complexion was far too sallow to be healthy. He makes his way around the table to stand next to you. "They attacked your brother." He stated simply.

Pansy nodded and looked at you biting her lip a bit. She took a deep breath. "I gathered that." She said calmly. "Am I to stay here then?" She asked curiously. Not really wanting to at all. She wasn't a charity case.

Severus quirked an eyebrow. "Do you believe you can go back to your home now? Your brother was disowned and disinherited almost as soon as he left school. I recall you were forbidden from visiting or owling him. Anyone with a shred of common sense has figured out what has happened. It will be in the Prophet tomorrow without a doubt. Would you rather return to your parents? Knowing perhaps they condoned the death of their own son?"

Pansy's eyes narrowed as you spoke. "I don't have to go home. I can go somewhere else." She sighed and looked down at the floor. Of course she knew all of this, but she was in denial. "He's not dead."

Severus pulls out the seat next to you and sits. As he speaks, he meticulously removes the various vials of potions from his inner pockets. "Perhaps. You will have to wait until Shacklebolt and Tonks report back. As your Head of House, I would rather you remain here until this situation is resolved."

Pansy nodded. And watched what you were taking out of your pocket but not really caring. It was just something to watch. She nodded at you. "Fine." She said flatly. "I don't like this at all. I keep seeing that thing in my mind, no wonder it was such a big deal, it was the creepiest thing I've ever seen." She said off handedly.

Severus placed the last of the calming potions on the tabletop. The vials clinked against each other as he rearranged them again. "I am fairly certain that no one wants to see the Dark Mark hovering over the home of his or her loved ones."

Pansy watched as you rearranged the vials, she appreciated that there was something to look at other than the wall, or the floor, or anything. She would be content as long as they didn't stop making noise, and they didn't stop moving. "No. It was . . . I can't even describe it."

Out of the corner of Severus' eyes, he could see your attention were focused solely on the vials in his hands. "Frightened? Terrified? Anxious? Panicked?"

She looked up at you as you spoke and she nodded, "And angry. Really angry." She said quietly. She could feel herself starting to choke up, but she was determined not to cry. Not yet anyway and not in front of you. She was starting to lose it, but she bit her bottom lip harder and clenched her fists tightly trying to will herself not to cry.

Severus looked away from your face. He still did not know how to deal with crying children after teaching all these years. "Understandable," he uncorked one of the vials and offered you a calming potion. "Your brother was- is a good man. Drink up."

Pansy took the vile and looked at it but didn't drink it yet. She nodded. "Yes. One of the best people I know." She blamed herself for everything, he'd told her to be careful, and she wasn't careful, and now he was . . . She stared back at the vial. "What is it?" She asked curiously but making no move to drink it. She wasn't accusing, and she trusted Professor Snape, she just wanted to know what was in store for her if she drank it.

"A mild dose of calming potion for your nerves." Severus understood why you might be suspicious. It was a much believed rumor among the Hogwarts student population that he was a Death Eater. Things would most definitely change after all of this. How you would react to his offer now would determine how he would be able to treat you in the future.

She chuckled half heartedly, "My nerves. Got anything that will shut my brain down?" She mentions absently. She shrugged and drank it quickly, making a face. "Gross." She said licking her lips. "Water?" She asked shaking her head.

Severus allowed a small smirk to tug at his thin lips. He tapped his wand against the table and a House Elf appeared at his elbow. "A glass of water for Miss Parkinson." The wretched creature vanished immediately with a squeak and a glass of water appeared before you. "I trust that will be sufficient enough."

Pansy took a drink of the water and nodded. "Yes sir, it's fine thank you." She said quietly. "This is going to be a rough year isn't it?" She asked boldly. She can only imagine what injustices will be going on . . . "I mean, things can't be hidden forever right?"

No... Nothing could be hidden forever. His role as a spy may be so too. "It would seem so. If this summer is any indication, this school year will be as enjoyable as an eternity in Tartarus. At the very least, you will have Mister Malfoy for company."

Pansy sighed. She wasn't used to not being adored by the masses. This was going to be bad. Everything was horrid, "That's something right?" She asked trying to sound optimistic. "I'm not going to . . . Well I'm not going to get beat up am I?"

Severus shook his head. It sounded trivial almost but it was sign that you were still yourself. "It remains to be seen. Would you like to retire to the Slytherin dormitory for now?"

Pansy ran her hand through her long hair and sighed nervously. "If anyone tries to beat me up I'll fucking choke them." She said a bit angrily before taking a deep breath, "Sorry sir. Yes please, is Draco down there?" She asked curiously.

"Mister Malfoy has been here since his unfortunate accident." Severus scowled at the word. "I assume you have already revealed the true nature of this situation to him. One can safely guess that he is anxiously awaiting your reply."

Pansy nodded. "I know sir." She said quietly. After a moment she stood up. "I can go then?" She sighed. "Yeah he knows," She paused. "I'm sorry that this happened sir."

Severus nodded. "I believe you know the way, Miss Parkinson. I need to see the Headmaster. No, I am sorry for your lo- that you must experience this unfortunate incident."

Pansy stood up and smiled half heartedly. "Thanks for the potion, now I might not break anything in the common room." She shrugged a bit. "Me too." She said walking toward the doors.

Severus stands as well. He grabbed a vial of Dreamless Sleep and swept the rest into the outer pocket of his robes. His lengthy stride brought him next to you in seconds. He pressed the vial into your palm. "Dreamless Sleep. If you should need it tonight." He stalked out the double doors quickly.
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