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Who: Remus Lupin and Severus Snape
What: Remus comes for his Wolfsbane potion and there is the usual tense conversation.
Where: Severus' office at Hogwarts
When: Afternoon of Sunday, August 29
Rating: G - PG

Severus perused his lesson plans again. They appear sufficient enough to challenge the new incoming NEWT level class. Classes would begin later this week. Rosier's spawn would be arriving at Hogwarts and be Sorted. There was the matter of how Mister Malfoy and Miss Parkinson would be treated by their Housemates now. He would also have to resume Potter's Occlumency lessons. His work never seemed to be done.

Remus walked quietly through the halls of the nearly empty school. He knew there were people he knew around, friendly faces, but he didn't feel up to talking to anyone today. He was glad when he arrived at your door, although he hoped he wouldn't mention Sirius. The last thing he needed right now was a confrontation. He knocked on the door and waited for your invitation to enter.

Severus' head shot up at the knock on his door. Who could it be? He had confined himself to his office and chambers this entire week. Albus had not taken a step near him since the old coot told him about Egg's promotion. "Enter."

Remus quietly slipped into the office and nodded to you in greeting. "Severus." He stepped towards the desk and without waiting for an invitation, he sat down opposite the other man. "How are you?"

Severus scowled. He finally remembered that you were coming for his potion today. He gestured toward the cabinet on the other side of the wall. "The cabinet is unlocked. You may retrieve your potion."

Remus sighed softly, but wasn't all that surprised by the way you ignored his polite enquiry. "Thank you, Severus," he said as he stood and made his way towards the cabinet. The last thing he wants to do is take this potion. He doesn't want to transform tonight, he wished he had a choice and that he was back with Sirius. With another sigh, he raised the goblet to his lips and drank as much of the potion as he could stomach before lowering the glass. His back was still towards you, allowing him to make a face at the horrid taste without letting you see.

Severus studied you from behind. Your posture appeared slumped- almost defeated. Your robes were unusually unkept. Severus guessed that you barely left Black's side if you could help it. Severus sneered. Black always had everyone frawning over him, especially now that he was in a coma. Severus returned his glaze to the parchment before him and glared at them- as if he could burn a hole through them with his willpower alone.

Remus steeled himself to drink the rest of the potion and downed it all in one go. "Ugh," he said, unable to stop the sound of disgust as the taste remained in his mouth after he swallowed. "Where do you want me to put this?" he asked as he turned to face you again, surprised to see the way your were glaring at the parchment.

Severus did not look up from the parchment as he furiously scratched out a line he had missed before. "Just leave it. I will take care of it later." He suddenly remembered why he had been even more withdrawn than usual- if that was possible. He had a feeling Zabini was now sniffing around because of the comments Lupin and the elder Potter had left in the journals. The whole lot of them could do nothing but wreck what little he could call life. He hoped Black never woke up.

Remus nodded, and then realised you weren't looking at him. "Alright," he agreed mildly and replaced the goblet in the cabinet and closed the door softly. "Thank you again, Severus." He crossed over to the door, and glanced back, feeling faintly like he should say something else. It feels rude to come and take the potion, which has changed his life so much and which you don't have to make, and then just leave.

Severus listened to the sound of your retreating footsteps. Good, you were leaving. You weren't going to try and make small talk as you usually did. Then the footsteps just stopped at his doorway. Severus waited for a second. You still had not moved. He finally looked up and growled, "What do you want, Lupin?"

Remus gazed back at you uncertainly for a moment. "Nothing really," he admitted, feeling ridiculous now. You want him to leave, he can see that. "You're busy. I'll leave you to your preparation." A sudden though hit him and he bit his lip. "Is- No, I suppose not." He sounded as defeated as he looked but made an effort to be professional. "Good afternoon Severus. Thank you again."

Severus sneered. You looked so pathetic like that. "Just spit it out, Lupin. You are just going to mope over it until it eventually drives you more insane than usual and you will come barging in on some inappropriate occassion to ask anyhow."

Remus would usually be more assertive in dealing with you but right now he's feeling numb. "Is there anything I could do to help Sirius?" he asked, feeling certain you were going to mock him for even asking but by now he doesn't care. "Anything at all?"

Deep down, Severus expected this to be about Black. Your entire life seemed to revolve around that dog. "I believe you have already inquired about that before. Black will recover on his own- if he is capable of doing so." How life would be so much easier to endure without Black....

Remus doesn't respond for a moment as his heart sinks. He didn't have high hopes but he had thought perhaps...something... Apparently not. "Right. Fine. Sorry. Didn't mean to bother you." He nodded and then slipped out the door before you could issue what would undoubtedly be a scathing reply.

Severus glared at the door and it automatically slammed shut. "Good riddance." He mumbled and went back to his parchment.
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