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Who: Evan and Laura
When: Last week.
Where: Their home.
Rating: PG?

Evan arrives home, stepping through the front door and looks around for you as he enters the kitchen. His demeanor hasn't changed even with him knowing about the small vile resting in his pocket. Of course he's nerves - his stomach making all sorts of twists and turns. Then again, who doesn't get a little bit nervous before attempting murder of an unborn child. Even at his age, Evan still feels this same exact way before killing someone. Maybe it's the excitement, but he damn well knows it's nervousness. But that, as he was always told, is what makes some Death
Eaters a cut above the rest.

Laura is at the refridgerator searching for something, which is difficult considering she doesn't know what she wants. The house elves are all elsewhere; Laura had banished them from her sight hours ago, irritated by their voices and their ugly faces. "Darling!" she says, sounding surprised but pleased to see you home. "When did you get home?" Closing the fridge, she quickly crosses the room and leans up to kiss you. "You're just in time."

Evan gives you a half smile, watching you cross the room in your fit of surprise this evening. "I just got in, love.." he trails off as he leans down and returns the sweet kiss. Resting his hands on your hips, he tugs you closer to him and slides his hands around to the small of your back. "Oh? Just in time for what?"

Laura smiles as you tug her closer and links her hands behind your neck. "Just in time to find me some pumpkin juice. I have such a craving for it and I can't find any." She pouts in what she knows is irresistable. "Can you have a look in the fridge for me?"

Evan tilts his head back a bit, his eyes peering down at you, noting the expression on your face. A grin creeps over his features as he plays the game that you are - he knows you far too well to cave in on that face, but he makes it seem as though he's going out of his way to do you the favour. "I suppose," he replies with a sigh and rolls his eyes. It's a perfect opportunity really; he couldn't have asked for an easier escape. "I'm so glad we have those house elves..." he trails off as he winks to you and slips out of your arms, now making his way to the fridge.

Laura makes a face as she turns to watch you at the fridge. "They were annoying me, so I sent them upstairs to clean the silver." She pouts again, her hands resting lightly on her stomach. "And while you're in there, could you see if we have any ice cream? Chocolate chip, if we have it." She smiles sweetly.

Evan bends over somewhat as he looks into the fridge, pushing things aside here and there to try and gain access to the pumpkin juice. It's right where it should be - buried in the back. He looks over his shoulder at you, arching a brow though grinning of course. "It's all about what you want, isn't it?" He teases then goes back to reaching inside the fridge and pulls out the pumpkin juice. He nudges the door shut with his foot and sets the pitcher of juice on the counter as he grabs a couple glasses. "Go on into the living room, I'll bring these in in just a minute..." he offers, looking over to you momentarily. To play it just right, his eyes shift away from your's and dart down to where your hands rest on your stomach. "You shouldn't be up and about so much."

Laura smiles innocently and shrugs slightly. "Of course," she replies as if surprised you needed to ask. Her expression softens as you glance down at her stomach and she walks over to you and kisses your cheek. "You're so good to me," she murmurs, in a surprisingly good mood today, probably because she got an owl from Andrew earlier. She wanders into the living room and lies down on the couch, closing her eyes as she rests, one hand on her stomach as she thinks about the little one coming into this world in seven and a half months from now.

Evan smiles when you kiss his cheek and murmur into his ear, rather pleased that this will go off without a hitch. Once you've left the room, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out the small vile and looks through the clear glass at the contents inside. Popping the top off, he glances over his shoulder quickly then carefully pours the liquid into the full glass of pumpkin juice. Corking the vile immediately after, he slips the tube back into his pocket and goes about to get you your chocolate chip ice cream. So he wouldn't get confused, he only poured one glass of juice, the other is still empty. Once he's gotten everything that you've wanted, he wanders into the next room and sets the glass and the bowl on the end table. Your good mood has caused for him to be willing to do all this labor of hard work. "I forgot my drink," he says then disappears into the kitchen for only a moment then quickly returns with a half full glass of pumpkin juice for himself.

Laura opens her eyes with a smile and sits up, reaching for the ice cream. "Thanks honey," she says, and begins to eat with a moan at the first taste of the ice cream. "You're being surprisingly sweet today," she comments lightly, although there is a hint of suspicion in her tone. "You fucked someone, didn't you?" She says that matter of factly. She doesn't really care. You're here, with her, and that's what counts. She just wants to know why you're doing things for her when usually it's more of an effort to make you do it.

Evan sits back in an armchair and sets his glass down on the endtable beside him. As he removes his robe, he rolls his eyes at your comment and shakes his head. "No, I didn't fuck anyone today... Although I did think about it," he answers quite honestly. There was a rather pretty young woman near his building today. Not very tall, a blonde with a thing waist line and a nice set of -- He unbuttons the first few buttons of his shirt and swallows hard as he clears his mind. "You're in a good mood yourself and that just reflects onto me I suppose," he shrugs with one shoulder, knowing that this is quite true. "What's your excuse?" He asks with a sort of wicked grin.

Laura arches an eyebrow at you as she licks ice cream off her spoon, tongue curling around the silver. "I'm pregnant, darling," she says dryly. "I can't exactly fuck someone in this state." Finishing up her ice cream, she puts the spoon back in the bowl and places them both on the end table. "Besides, you know you're the only man for me." She smiles and stretches out on the couch. "So, tell me, how was your day then? And why didn't you fuck whoever it was you were thinking about?" She's curious, which might be odd in another marriage but not in theirs.

Evan watches your tongue curl around the spoon and of course could only imagine where else he'd like that tongue to swivel around. He sets his elbow on the armrest of the chair and uses his hand to hold up his head as he looks over at you, unamused. "I would hope that I am the only man for you," he says with a slight sneer in his tone. He doesn't fuck you - it's different when he's with you. A fuck to him is something cheap and easy, neither of which are you at all. But he rarely or ever tells you that, he sometimes wonders if you even know he feels that way. "My day started off fine, then sort of fell apart from there," he finally replies after leaving an awkward moment of silence. "Why? She looked far too innocent and probably would think twice before letting me get under her skirt.... She would most likely think it over several times then give me a right slap in the face."

Laura reaches for her pumpkin juice as she listens to you, sipping it occassionally. She opens her mouth a couple of times to interrupt, but for once she allows you to finish and sits quietly. "Sounds like someone has some sense then," she comments lightly and sips her juice. "Do you think I couldn't get someone else?" she asks suddenly, frowning as she realises what it sounded like when you said you hoped you were the only man for her with that sneer in your voice. "You don't think I could, do you?" Her voice is growing defiant, as if you have challenged her to see if she could. I'll show you, she thinks crossly.

Evan arches a brow, feeling a tightness in his chest suddenly when you propose the idea of getting someone else. "I'm sure you could get someone else. The only stipulation is that I'd kill the bastard before he'd be able to touch you," he replies in an authoritative tone, watching you closely. He pays no attention to how you're drinking that juice, but he does keep it in the back of his mind. "Besides, you'll have to wait another eight months before you can actually try anything."

"I'm tired," she says, and she looks it too. Her body is doing a lot of work right now, developing a child, and it takes a lot out of her. She drains the rest of her juice and places the glass by the empty bowl. "I think I'm going to go up to be now." She stands up and gazes at you for a moment, wondering what you're going to do. "I'll see you upstairs," she finally says and presses a kiss to the top of your head before she leaves the room and heads up to their bedroom.

Evan is now staring at the rug on the floor as he bites his cheek softly and taps his temple with a finger slowly and gently. He hates how you can instill these little tid bits of doubt into his mind. However this one if far more annoying than anything else you've put on him. Mainly because he knows you could easily get another man - you're breathtakingly beautiful with a personality to match. Suddenly he hears you mention something about going to bed and there you are, standing beside him. His eyes shift up towards you and his expression softens once you've kissed the top of his head. As you leave the room, his eyes sweep over to the glass that now sits empty and he gives a little silent hmph. Grabbing his own glass, he stares into it for a moment and then downs the juice himself. After setting the glass down, he gets up and follows after you, catching up rather quickly.

Laura has changed into a silk nightdress and is climbing into bed as you enter the room. She looks up and gives you a smile as she slides down between the sheets. "I know it's a little early, but would you like to take a nap with me? We could get up later and have some more ice cream." She gives you a naughtly little grin that suggests so many fun ways to use that ice cream. Her eyes trace over your features, noting the tension in your shoulders. "You look tired too actually."

Evan is seated at the foot of the bed, slightly hunched over as he unties his boots and kicks them off. He laughs lightly at your suggestion of a nap then ice cream later on, not minding the idea at all. "Sounds like a plan," he replies as he looks over to you and notes the naughty grin. His smile grows, stretching from ear to ear as he nods. "I guess I'll be getting a little sticky," he winks and lies back on the bed beside, placing his hands behind his head. He is tired; exhausted really, though most of his fatigue is mental. Wrapping an arm around your shoulders, he holds you close and starts to drift in and out of sleep.

Laura falls asleep quickly, relaxing by your side as she dreams of their growing family. It is several hours later that she awakens as pain lances through her abdomen. She cries out loudly, clutching her stomach as she curls up into a ball by your side. It has built up gradually while she slept, but now the pain is growing worse and all she can do is cry as pain stabs her stomach. There is blood all over the sheets around her waist, and she is pale and trembling as still more blood spills out of her. "E- Evan," she pleads, her voice shaky and filled with pain. She cries out as another sharp pain lances through her. She doesn't understand what is happening, and all she can do is hope that it isn't affecting her baby. Please, Merlin, let the baby be alright.

Evan's memory is painting him a vivid dream of past and nonexistant trials in which he has and has not found himself under circumstances where his life was literally in the balance. It's when he finds himself beneath the wand of Sirius with Remus standing just feet away that his body starts to panic - even in this dream. As he hears that familiar voice begin the words he's suddenly sucked out of the nightmare to your cries and pleas. Immediately he sits up, clutching the sheets and looking for his own wand when his movements stop cold at the site of the pool of crimson red forming just beside him. His jaw hangs open slightly, his breathing hitched already and only worsens when his eyes travel up to where the bloody is spilling from. You. "My God, Laura!" The real situation settles in and he has no idea what to do first. "We need to get you to the hospital," he tries to calm himself. He leans over and runs his fingers through your hair. "Hang on..." he says softly and kisses your forehead.

Laura isn't able to respond with anything more than a sob by this stage. The pain is unbearable and she clutches her stomach desperately, beginning to realise that there is no way her child can survive something like this. She is crying with the pain and with the grief of knowing that she is losing something she had wanted so badly. "E- Ev-" she tries to say but can't get the word out. All she can do is lie there and hope it will ease soon, either that or that she will die soon. She would be happy with either option right now. The blood is spreading and she is growing paler, a fine sheen of sweat covering her body.

It's taring Evan up inside to see you in this condition. He works so hard to keep you out of harm's way and make sure that no one and nothing ever hurts you. He needs to get you out of here and to the hospital. So without a second thought or any more time to lose, he picks you up into his arms securely and runs out of the room. "Everything is going to be all right, love..." He says. "Just... don't leave me, Laura... Please..." To say he's scared is an understandment. He pays no attention the blood that is now starting to cover the front of his clothes and races down the stairs, to the front door. His bloodied hand slips on the door, frantically trying to open it. After a couple of tries, he finally manages to get it open and darts out the door, apparating immediately and arriving at St Mungo's within seconds.

As soon as they arrive in St Mungo's, several healers are called down to the reception and a bed is conjured right near them. The healers encourage you to lay Laura down on it, but she is clinging to you so tightly, so deathy afraid that something is going badly wrong. A healer is trying to ask you questions about what happened to Laura while she tries to keep you right beside her. It takes two healers to extricate you from Laura's tight grip and they wheel her through to the lifts and she disappears upstairs with them to be treated, while another healer continues to ask you questions

EvanR1981 (1:16:43 AM): "It's okay, Laura... I'll be right here, you just need to lie down..." Evan tells you in a soothing tone. He doesn't want you to go in alone, he wants to keep by your side, but these damn people are not helping him. Clutching your hand in his own, he ignores the healer asking him questions - it's not as though he can make out what the man is saying anyway. All he hears is mumbling and slurs of sounds coming from his mouth. And as they wheel you away, he holds onto your hand still, following beside the bed until an additional two healers arrive and start to pull him away. He fights the two other men, managing to push one of them away, ultimately knocking him to the floor. "Get the fuck off of me!" He exclaims, shoving the other one violently. Finally he makes it back beside you and takes your hand into his, kissing it softly. "I love you..." he says to you, the words flowing from his tongue as though he used them frequently. That's when the healer asking him questions gets involved and now all three of them have ganged up on Evan and restrained him, pulling him away.

Laura is almost constantly crying out now, curled up in a ball as her insides wracked with a horrible pain. She clings to your hand in a manner reminiscent of when she gave birth to Andrew and when you say you love her, Laura squeezes your hand tighter, unable to speak to tell you the same. Her cries grow louder when you are held back and she is taken away, feeling so alone and aching so much. "P- Please," she managed to get out, as the lift moved relentlessly upstairs. The healers take her into a private room where they strip off her nightgown which is soaked with blood and begin casting spells to help her heal and to replenish her blood.

Evan looks around at the three shorter men, his vision blurring slightly as he can no longer think straight. His hand is resting by his wand and he's got half a mind to pull it out and use it against these heartless bastards who won't allow for him to be with you. He glances around the room and notices the other people there then looks down at himself - clothes covered in his wife's blood. He's taken into another room where once again he is being asked the same questions that were being thrown at him just moments ago. "When can I see her?" He asks after every two or three questions, in a straight and dull tone. He is feeling guilty, upset, scared, angered and betrayed. Undoubtably, Snape is going to answer to him.

\Laura is writhing in pain, alternately screaming for Evan and sobbing into her pillow. A healer has his wand pressed to her lower stomach as he mutters incantations, trying to stem the flow of blood while another healer casts spells to replenish her blood, trying to replace it as quickly as she is losing it. It takes them a while, but eventually the healers manage to get her injuries under control and heal her. A medi-witch gently cleans the blood off her and dresses her in a white hospital gown and they levitate her into another bed, one that isn't soaked with blood. Laura is pale and shaking still as she lays curled up on the bed, crying softly as the healer explains that she lost the baby, her hands pressed to her face. Another medi-witch leaves the room to let you know that you are able to visit her now.

Evan looks up when the medi-witch arrives into the room. Until now, he's been sitting here answering question after question now knowing what it feels like to be the witness on a stand. As soon as the medi-witch opens her mouth, he jumps to his feet and follows the woman to room. On the way, he starts asking all the questions this time, drilling her for as much information as he can get. When she opens the door, he quickly steps inside and immediately kneels down beside you. He takes your hand into his, happy to see and feel that you're still alive. His eyes trace over your features and he reaches up with a free hand, running his fingers through your hair. "Laura... sweetheart, it's me..." he starts off softly, thumbing the back of your hand gently. Lacing his fingers into your's, he leans in and presses his lips very delicately to your's. "How do you feel?" He's afraid to find out.

Laura reaches out to tug you closer, a sob rising up in her throat as she tries to tell you what happened. She can barely get a word out as she starts crying again. "Ev- Evan," she chokes out as her arm wraps around your neck, clutching you close to her. "It- ghhh." She wasn't able to do anything other than sob right now.

Evan leans in to hold you close as he lets go of your hand and wraps it around you. "Shh," he says softly and presses a gentle kiss to your cheek. "Everything is fine. You're all right," he adds in a soothing tone. Swallowing hard, in the back of his mind he knows - he knows exactly that not everything is fine nor is everything all right. It's quite obvious to him that you're no longer pregnant and although he feels terrible for having put you through the pain, he's now relieved that the child he ultimately came to the conclusion that he did not want, is now gone.

Laura feels mildly better with your arm around her and she snuggles up to you as much as she is able to. It takes a while for her to calm down enough to speak. "I want to go home," she says miserably. "I don't want to stay here. Can I go home, Evan? Please?" Her teary eyes meet yours, begging you to let her come home. Her stomach is still tender after everything she went through, but the healers had managed to heal her completely.

"I...I don't..." Evan tries to start, but he looks over at the medi witch in the room with a questioning look. He's not sure if you can leave, but he'd like to take you home and just put all of this behind them. But it's obvious this situation won't go away as quickly as he would like it to. Licking his lips, he watches the medi witch across the room, waiting for an answer - the answer he's looking for.

The medi-witch shakes her head apologetically. "I'm sorry, sir, but Mrs Rosier will need to stay here for a few days so the healers can monitor her condition and make sure there are no more problems." Laura's face falls at this announcement and she sighs heavily. "I want to go home," she says stubbornly, but there isn't much fire to her words, like there normally would be. Instead, she sounds tired and defeated.

Evan sighs and pulls back from you, his hand tracing down your arm and stopping at your hand where he takes a hold of it. "I'll be right here, Laura..." he reassures you, thumbing the back of your hand once again. "It's best if you get some sleep..." he says in a rather soft tone rarely heard from him. Running the fingers of his free hand through his hair, he sits back in the chair beside the bed, not letting go of your hand. "I'm not going anywhere."

Laura looks like she wants to protest but can't quite summon the required energy. "Don't leave," she whispers, even though you just said you wouldn't. She sighs softly and closes her eyes, tiredness overwhelming her and it isn't at all long before she falls asleep, her pale face streaked with tears and etched with sadness.

Evan watches you protectively, making sure that if you need anything he'll be right here for you - right beside you where he belongs. You are his wife, the only woman he's found love in and to see you in this condition, in this place is wearing him down. He leans forward and gently kisses your forehead. "I love you," he whispers before pulling away and resting back in the chair once again. With his hand still clutching your's, he watches you sleep, intending on staying here with you for as long as it takes.
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