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Trousers of Time

An AU Harry Potter RPG

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trousers of time: with every decision, with every decision, time splits into two different paths – the path you took and the path you didn’t take.

Trousers of Time is an AU Harry Potter Role Play Game, in which the characters we know and love are given a chance to live life differently. History has changed but people stay the same. When Voldemort attacked the Potters, this time, he encountered Harry first. After casting the killing curse, it rebounded on him, as we all know, and reduced him to a spirit-like being, leaving James and Lily alive to take their son to St Mungo’s. When Death Eaters attacked the Longbottoms, they were ready for such an attack and were able to fend off their attackers who were caught and sent to Azkaban. And while Sirius makes sure James, Lily and Harry are alright, Peter Pettigrew is caught by Aurors and sent to Azkaban as well.

For your convenience, we've outlined the Eighties and the Nineties. All canon information that has been altered has been written in blue. A list of game canon can be found here and here.

The Rules of the game may be found here.

Flourish and Blott's bookstore recently advertised a new, magical journal, capable of showing itself to other journalists who had purchased the journals as well. Claiming it to be the Next Big Thing, the journals sold out in minutes after being put on display, and very few people were able to get their hands on them. Join the lucky few who were able to purchase journals, and enter a world where one different outcome, from one single event, changed the course of history forever.

Required Characters

*** Please note, characters with their names crossed out have been taken.

Trio Era Characters who are still in school.

[ Gryffindor ]

M01. Harry Potter
M02. Ron Weasley
M03. Neville Longbottom
F01. Hermione Granger
F02. Ginny Weasley

[ Slytherin ]

M04. Draco Malfoy
M05. Blaise Zabini
M06. Theodore Nott
F03. Pansy Parkinson
F04. Millicent Bulstrode

[ Hufflepuff ]

M07. Justin Finch-Fletchley
M08. Ernie Macmillan
M09. Zacharias Smith
F05. Susan Bones
F06. Hannah Abbott

[ Ravenclaw ]

M10. Terry Boot
M11. Stephen Cornfoot
F07. Padma Patil
F08. Luna Lovegood
F09. Mandy Brocklehurst

Cho Chang
Marietta Edgecombe

Middle Era Characters aged 18-34.

01. Bill Weasley
02. Charlie Weasley
03. Percy Weasley (deceased)
04. Fred Weasley
05. George Weasley
06. Lee Jordan
07. Cedric Diggory
08. Caradoc Dearborn (has backstory - email mods for details)

01. Nymphadora Tonks
02. Penelope Clearwater
03. Katie Bell
04. Angelina Johnson
05. Alicia Spinnet

Marauder Era Characters aged 35+

01. Arthur Weasley
02. Frank Longbottom
03. James Potter
04. Sirius Black
05. Remus Black
06. Kingsley Shacklebolt
07. Ted Tonks
08. Gilderoy Lockhart
09. Severus Snape
10. Lucius Malfoy
11. Rudolphus Lestrange
12. Evan Rosier
13. Mundungus Fletcher
14. Alastor Moody
15. Peter Pettigrew
16. Amos Diggory
17. Michael Wilkes

01. Molly Weasley
02. Alice Longbottom
03. Lily Potter
04. Andromeda Tonks
05. Rita Skeeter
06. Amelia Bones
07. Emmeline Vance
08. Bellatrix Lestrange 1
09. Narcissa Malfoy
10. Hestia Jones
11. Delores Umbridge

We will consider applications for characters not listed above, but they must be characters from the Lexicon.


Personal Information

Name –
Age (you must be over 15) –
Personal LiveJournal –
Personal AIM/Y!M –
Email –
Previous RP experience (with links if possible) –

Character Information

Name –
Age –
House –
Years at Hogwarts –
Wand –
Familiar –
Interests –
Strengths -
Weaknesses -

Basic History –

Family (including bloodline) –

Occupation –

Relationships (both friendship and romantic) -

How has your character changed due to the new history?

How is your character still true to canon?

Please write a sample journal entry:

Model you will be using for your character – Click here to see the PB's taken so far
Song that your character relates to –

Email your application*** to trousersoftime@gmail.com asap!

Trousers of Time will go live on Saturday June 12 - the day Harry Potter catches the train at the end of his fifth year at Hogwarts. Prior to this date, players will be working on backstory, filling in the details of the new history and posting friends-locked entries over the summer.

*** Please note that applications will be considered each weekend due to the Mods RL commitments. We're sorry for any anxiety this may cause.


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