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Who: Evan Rosier and Sirius Black
Where: Sirius' place
Rating: PG/PG-13ish
Description: Evan has had a midlife experience that he assures will never happen to him again. He figures out that he's happy with being married and having a son of his own and realises that he is no longer the young buck he once was -- able to chase after all the birds. He's getting older and slightly more mature with each passing decade.

Sirius, after getting your owl, lingers in the kitchen. It's been a long day, the last bit of his training quite extensive, and he has an awful bruise spreading on his side, from a hex that hit him accidentally. Pulling his wand from his pocket he murmurs a healing charm, sighing. He'd like to take a shower, but he knows you need to talk, and instead waits for your arrival.

Evan apparates at your front door and without hesistation or knocking, he opens it and steps into the house. "Sirius?" He calls out as he shuts the door behind him and walks about quickly, looking around for you.

"Kitchen," Sirius calls back, pulling out a chair with his boot so he can sit down and make himself more comfortable. When you enter the kitchen he nods in greeting, before motioning towards the cabinet. "If this is a drinking conversation, feel free to pour me one too."

Evan runs his fingers through his hair as begins to pace back and forth along the length of the table. "No, no... Well.. possibly.." he says nervously and steps over to the cabinet, opening it quickly. He pulls out a bottle of firewhiskey, grabs two glasses; filling his own and only pouring half for you. "I'm getting old Sirius..." he finally says as he hands you your glass.

Sirius arches an eyebrow, sitting up a little straighter when he sees how nervous you really are. "What happened?" he asks, brows furrowed in mild confusion. He takes the glass you hand him, nodding absently. "Is everything alright?"

Evan holds his glass and sighs heavily as he looks down into it. "I was taking to the Parkinson girl... Pansy. You know her, maybe?" After a half a second, he shakes his head. "It doesn't matter really. She's just 16 years old... And I hit on her... Twice!"

"You what?" Sirius asks, incredulously. "She's... she's a student! A young student." He pauses, before he makes a face. "She's Harry's age! What were you thinking? You didn't..." he trails off, looking horrified. "You didn't sleep with her, did you?"

Evan is taking a drink when you mention sleeping with someone that young and nearly chokes. "Good God no!" He replies, grabbing a napkin and wipes his shirt as he spilled a bit. "When I first saw her, I thought she was attractive... and while I was talking to her... I don't fucking know! I just remember school and how it was so easy for me to get a girl like her," he throws the napkin down and runs his fingers through his hair. "And then I realised.. I'm 20 years older than her... She's just a little girl!"

"Thank Merlin," Sirius mutters, reaching up to run his hand through his hair. "You also forgot that you're married," he adds, rolling his eyes. "Our days of picking up random birds and shagging them rotten are over, I'm afraid."

Evan waves a hand at you, "I cheated on Laura at the beginning of our marriage and she knows." He says nonchalantly and takes another big sip of his drink. "I love Laura, very much and I know my mistakes. But for Salazaar's sake I don't know what got into me for a while when I was talking to Parkinson. Then, after speaking with her, I knew I was in the wrong and I regret doing anything to her.. I really do."

"Well, at least you did regret it," Sirius
replies, sighing heavily. "We're... well, not old, per se, but older. We have to think before we go about groping wee ikkle birds. That spells trouble for us now. Or, well Azkaban."

Evan sits down across from you, just staring at you, looking exhausted. "We're old." He says and finishes off his drink. "I was looking at her and wishing I could have a daughter. Since when do I do that?!" He blurts out and just hits his forehead to the table. "What's wrong with me?"

"Wait. Wait," Sirius replies, shaking his head. "As you were flirting with a young girl, you decided you wanted to have a daughter? You, Evan Rosier, are one sick, twisted wanker."

Evan sighs heavily into the table. "No, Black. This was after the flirting, when I started realising what I was doing." He lifts his head up. "A long time afterward."

"You're still a twisted wanker," Sirius replies, with feeling. "But like I said, I am glad you realised you were being right odd, and stopped. There's hope for you yet, my friend."

Evan rolls his eyes and shakes his head. "I am not a twisted wanker... Just old." He concludes and pours himself another drink. "Not a word to this anyone! Laura will ring my neck if she finds out!"

"Why would I tell anyone?" Sirius replies, rolling his own eyes before he takes a sip of his drink. "I'm not daft, although I appear to be." He grins and can't resist rolling his eyes again/.

"You do appear to be," he muses, though his heart is not in it. Evan takes another drink and runs his fingers through his hair. "What the hell was I thinking?"

"You weren't, your cock was," Sirius replies, matter-of-factly. "Common occurance, especially for you, mate. Can't have forgotten that already, eh?"

"At least I know it's still working, yeah?" Evan tries to look at the bright side of this. He rolls his eyes at his own joke.

Sirius snickers, unable to help himself. "Oh yeah, trust me. So, other than flirting with wee children, how've you been?" He takes another sip, gazing at you over the rim of his glass.

Evan slouches back against his chair and just shrugs, "not bad really. Working a lot lately. But I did bring Andrew to a Falmouth match. He really wanted to go so I fixed a way to get tickets," he says as he lifts his glass and brings it to his lips. "You know."

Sirius nods, finishing off the last of his drink. "Sounds good. Remus and I haven't been to a match in ages, that reminds me to drag the sorry lump out there with me." He grins a little, fingers absently drumming against his thigh. "Haven't had much free time, as it was."

"Busy with the shop?" Evan asks as he sets the glass down. "How's the old maid been? Is he still on his little vacation without you?" He winks, teasing you.

Sirius rolls his eyes again. "Remus is back, and I've been working nights at the Ministry. Went back." He shrugs a little, though watches you carefully. "Been doing condensced traning."

Evan's brow arches immediately at the mention of you going back. "Oh," he replies simply and pulls out a pack of smokes from his pocket. "So you're back in training? For how long?" He asks curiously, pulling out a cigarette then offering you one.

"Just a couple of weeks. It's more of a brush up." Sirius debates for a moment before taking the cigarette, lighting it lazily with the tip of his wand. He inhales deeply before slowly blowing the smoke out. "I already know the ropes, but I have to get back in the swing of things. They came to me, needed me to come back."

Evan can't help but smile at the thought of the Order and the Ministry needing aid. That just proves to him that his side is doing well -- but they can do better. "I'm sure you do know what you're doing. You were, after all, one of the best they had," he says with a wink and lights his own smoke, inhaling deeply then letting the smoke seep from his nose.

"Course I was," Sirius replies, without a trace of modesty. He rolls his eyes at your smile. "They're calling in forces ahead of time," he reminds you. "Don't start gloating on me, as nothing's actually happened yet."

Evan laughs softly and takes another puff. "Oh, I'm sure they are calling in forces ahead of time," he grins and flicks some of the ash from his smoke. "And I'm not gloating. Not at all."

Sirius rolls his eyes, not in the mood to joke about this particular subject. "Don't be an arse, your lot hasn't done anything. A muggle here or there is hardly call for recruitment. They want to be ready, this time, if things get the way they were... before. You know."

Evan rests his head on his hand and just stares at you with half hooded eyes. "Mmhmm." He brings the smoke to his lips and and inhales a bit then leans his head back and blows a smoke ring into the air above them before looking to you again. "We all have to be prepared I suppose," he says.

Sirius rolls his eyes again, taking a long drag from his fag. "Right," he sighs, flicking a bit of ash. "We learned that the last time 'round, didn't we?" He doesn't want to think much about the last time around, but it's inevitable.

Evan flicks more ash from his smoke and just sighs softly. "I don't think we know you've gone back into training," he states as he looks down into his glass then back up to you. "And it looks like they won't... For a while until something does happen, I guess."

"I'm hoping you keep that unspoken promise," Sirius replies, watching you closely. "Although as time goes on, I'm sure we won't have any choice but for your lot to figure it out."

"Have I ever let you down before?" Evan asks in regards to keeping the promise. He should be killed for with holding information such as this. "I'm sure we won't, but I still will keep this quiet."

"No," Sirius replies, honestly. "Thank you," he adds, his hand falling still on his thigh. "It's strange. To be doing the same thing I was all those years ago... but now I know. I know what to expect, I know how it will feel, what will happen, and yet I still dread it."

Evan can't say he understands. Although, he'd like for all of this to be over, but with an outcome different from your's. "We all hate it," he says after a few moments of silence and takes a long drag of his smoke.

"Isn't that the truth," Sirius sighs, rolling the fag between his fingers before he inhales again. He falls silent, finishing his cigarette, his mind in a million different places.

Evan watches you carefully, having seen this side of you before. He finishes off his smoke and puts it out before standing. "Thanks for letting me come by," he says with a slight grin.

Sirius grins back, nodding. "Not a problem, mate. It's been awhile as it is. Just keep in mind... no more young girls, okay?"

Evan laughs, "no more. I'm done with young girls as it is." He rolls his eyes and sighs heavily. "I'm leaving you the job of keeping me sane," he adds.

"It's a very daunting task," Sirius replies, dryly. "Out with you, mongrel, or else I'll be forced to kill myself, and then we'll be left with nothing."

Evan shakes his head, grinning slightly. "Take care, Sirius. I'll keep in touch," he says with a wave of his hand and steps out of the kitchen and towards the door.

Sirius grins, shaking his head. "See ya," he calls back, watching you leave. When you've left the kitchen he stands, and cleans up their mess, sighing. He hates that things are the same, but there's nothing he can do to stop it
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