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Millicent A. Bulstrode

It's a family affair.

Who: Millicent and her beloved Uncle Evan Rosier
Where: The main parlor of Bulstrode Estates
When: The evening of Thursday, July 29th.
What: Evan decides to play Mr. Nice Uncle and pay a visit to his most favorite niece. Millicent plays Miss Nice Niece and actually listens to what he has to say. Aw, what a sweet family moment.

Evan walks down the stairs casually, buttoning up his shirt as he makes his way to the bottom floor. He glances up to his wife who is standing at the top of the stairs, wearing nothing but a silk robe and just smiles down to him. Laughing softly, he winks back and walks into their living room, takes ahold of some floo powder, steps into the fireplace and takes off. Within moments, he's appeared in your fireplace and steps out. Immediately, he turns around and checks himself in the mirror, making sure he looks good. Despite the fact he looks as though he just woke up, with the sort of messy hair, rolled up sleeves and having left a few buttons at the top of his unbuttoned, he looks somewhat decent.

Millicent is sitting on a divan in the main parlor when you floo in. A thick book is open on her lap, and a small house elf cowers as he refills her glass of iced tea. She looks up when you appear in her fireplace, and rolls her eyes and you vainly check your appearance in the mirror over the mantle. 'Typica;,' she thinks. Your actions remind her of another male, somewhat younger than you. "Can I help you?" she asks boredly.

Evan turns around and smiles when he sees you. He makes his way over, sliding his hands into his pockets, acting and looking very relaxed. "Uh, Millicent. It's been awhile hasn't it?" He asks in a friendly tone then seats himself on the couch.

Millicent fakes a smile. "Apparently not long enough," she replies, snapping her book shut and sitting up straight. She shifts uncomfortably and scoots away from you. "Mum and Dad aren't in, if you're looking for them. I'm not sure where they've gone off to, but it's been days since I've seen them. So sorry to disappoint you."

Evan sits back, making himself more comfortable as he runs his fingers through his hair. "Ah, I love family," he muses and grins at you. "Well, I wasn't here for your parents... Actually I'm here for you." He picks up a picture from the end table and studies it a bit. "Although, I know where your father is and that is of no one's concern at the moment," he places the photo back down on the table.

Millicent's head snaps up at the mention of her father's location. In truth, she hadn't seen him in a number of weeks. She looks over at you, eyes narrowed in suspicion. "You know where my father is?" Millicent asked. Realizing her bleeding obvious question, she corrects herself. "What am I saying, of course you do. Would you mind telling me where he is?"

Evan rolls his eyes and sighs softly. "Did you not hear me say that it is of no concern to anyone where he is? I am not at liberty to say, if I do, I could be severly punished." He says firmly as he looks over to you.

"Fine," she replies in a rather sassy manner. "So, what the sod do you want to see me for?" She asks, folding her arms across her chest. She knew you wanting to speak with her could not be a good sign.

"I wanted to speak with you about Blaise." Evan immediately holds a hand up to stop you from saying anything. "Now I know it's a touchy subject and since your dad nor your mum are here to actually talk to you..." He pauses a moment and sets his hand down. "I thought I would be a good Uncle and come by to talk with you."

At the mere mention of Blaise's name, Millicent's face flushes with anger. "What is there to talk about? He's a bastard, my friend's a whore, and I'm in need of serious therapy." She retorts. "I honestly don't see how you can help the situation. Unless you would like to kill your little protege."

"I am not going to kill Blaise. Now as a man who was once a boy, you have to know that boys will be boys and shit happens, Millicent." Evan says with all honesty and not much care. "Not only that, but boys are not worth getting upset over. We're all bastards and just because they sleep with another girl, it doesn't make that girl a whore."

Millicent rolls her eyes as you speak. She knows just as well as you do that you're full of shit. "I can get upset over whatever I please, thank you very much. Is it so bad that I don't want my boyfriend shagging anyone else? If Aunt Laura, for whatever reason, decided to shag one of your best friends, you'd be a bit tetchy too, am I right?" She sits silent for a minute, actually taking a minute to ponder your words. "You're right. You all are bastards."

Evan arches a brow at the idea of his wife sleeping with someone else. He doesn't answer right away, he keeps silent, thinking about it a moment. "I'd kill him," he finally responds with a grin. And he means it too. He'd find the man and really kill him. "But, I love your Aunt Laura and she knows that," he adds shortly afterwards.

Millicent gives a small shudder when the words 'Aunt Laura' and 'love' are used in the same sentence. What a frigid bitch. However, Millicent had made her point. "See? You would be just as vexed. So why does everyone keep insisting that I'm overreating?"

"Because you lot are young and this is the age where hormones are off their rockers," Evan replies coolly. He doesn't honestly know if that's it or not. As far as he knows, he was sleeping around until the age of 17 when he finally settled down and began dating one girl -- your Aunt Laura.

As much as Millicent hates to admit it, you have a point. But still. She feels like she was wronged, and no one seems to give a damn. "So what am I supposed to do, just act like everything's okay now?"

"You learned your lesson, now didn't you?" Evan asks as he tilts his head to the side a bit. "Get to know the boy and if he's already got a reputation, it's best to just keep away from him," he adds, watching you carefully.

Millicent eyes you suspiciously. What are you playing at? "He had no reputation when we started dating, thank you very much." She replies slowly, still studying you. "Are you insinuating something, dear Uncle?"

"I'm not insinuating a thing, m'dear. I don't even know if Blaise even had a repuation to begin with. But all I'm trying to do is help you evade this sort of thing, so you won't have to go through it again." Evan rolls his eyes and sighs heavily. "I know it's hard to believe that your Uncle would probably care about you, but believe it. For once."

Perhaps you aren't so full of it after all. "So what are you saying, I just say SOD HIM and move on with my life?" She asks. "Not such a bad idea, really."

Evan nods curtly. "I know," he begins. "Every once in awhile I come up with something worth listening to." He muses as he stands and paces around the room, looking around and suddenly stops at a mirror. "Damn woman, she bites..." he says absently and glances at his neck.

Millicent freezes upon hearing your last comment. She fights the urge to throw up all over the ridiculously expensive carpet. "Right. I could have lived without hearing that, thanks." She says.

Evan rolls his eyes and looks back at you for a moment, "I didn't mean to say that aloud.. I'm sure you've said things on accident." He looks back into the mirror and runs a finger over the mark on his neck and sighs.

"I never say them in front of family. Blimey, Evan, stop touching it." Millicent says, screwing up her face. She looks away from you, and tries desperately to change the subject. "Right, so anyway ... So you came all the way over here to tell me to stop being a baby and get over Blaise already?"

"Uncle Evan," he corrects you and pulls out his wand. Evan mutters a charm and suddenly, the mark on his neck slowly fades away. Smiling at this, he turns around, tucking his wand away and crosses his arms. "That's about it, yes."

"Well then, Uncle Evan," Millicent says, quirking an eyebrow. "Thanks. I needed that." She admits. Looking around the room, she can't help but ask again, "And you are positive you can't tell me where my father is?"

Evan nods curtly with a half smile. "You know you can owl me any time you wish," he says in all honesty -- although he does feel like he owes you for being of the few who sent your father away. "And no, I'm sorry I can't," he replies slowly. However, just moments later he uncrosses his arms and turns away from you, clutching his right hand onto his arm. "Damnit!!" He calls out in pain.

Millicent shoots up from her seat when you cry out. One would think that she would be used to the cry of pain associated with a burning dark mark, since she was always surrounded by Death Eaters ... But it still concerns her. "Uncle?" She asks, slowly walking closer to you.

Evan pulls his sleeve up a bit higher to look at the mark, noting how it's getting steadily darker. He pulls his sleeve over the mark and turns to look at you, "I've got to go, Millicent." Amazingly, he keeps his calm, mainly for you concern, not wanting to startle you any more than he already has. Not to mention, he's had plenty of practise doing this in front of his son, his wife and strange people. "Sorry to leave so suddenly, but owl me later if you'd like." He says and pats you on the head absent mindedly and gets ready apparate.

Millicent shrugs off your touch and backs away again. Oh yes, of course. Time to go see what Lord Voldemort was whinging about now. "Right. Bye, then." Millicent says before you disappear from her living room with nothing more than a small "Pop!" sound.
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