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Remus Black

Who Remus and Sirius
When Sunday August 1st, around midday
Where Paris, underground werewolf lair
Summary After the full moon, Remus recovers and Sirius worries. Sounds like the usual except it’s not…

After limping into bed earlier that morning in a small room off the main chamber of the Parisian werewolf lair, Remus has slept for a long time. His body is battered and bruised after doing battle with the head of the werewolves (Nathan) for most of the night. It was a tough night, the other werewolf is dead and Remus is lucky to have survived it. He begins to stir, feeling groggy as he struggles to open his eyes. There is dried blood over his face where Nathan swiped at him during the fight and slashed his face. He groans as he shifts, his leg aching more than he would have thought possible. "Argh," he moans and his eyes finally open to gaze at you blearily. "Sirius?" He doesn't think he has ever been more glad to see you in his life.

Sirius hasn't slept at all; instead he's spent the past hours sitting beside you, trying his best to clean you up and heal what he can reach without disturbing you, but healing spells, no matter how much he's tried (and oh, how hard he's tried), have never been his strong point. He feels sick, knowing what happened last night, and how defenceless he was, how unable he was to help you, and he can't quite make his hands stop trembling, even as he slowly trails his wand over the slashes on your face. When you speak he moves closer instantly, trying his best not to grab you and hug you. "Right here," he says, trying hard to keep his voice from shaking. "Right here, Remus."

Remus watches you for a moment, trying to breathe carefully and not disturb his ribs. The pain is making it hard to think and it takes him a while to realise what is going on. "Come here," he murmurs, reaching slowly out to you.

Sirius lies down beside you, sliding his arm carefully around you while he presses himself close, feeling incredibly protective. Alpha male or not, after the full moon was always the time that he took care of you, and after what happened last night... he's not about to let you out of his sight. "God, Remus," he mutters, closing his eyes as he presses close. "You stupid idiot. You stupid, stupid idiot. I was so scared. I didn't know what was going to happen, and it all went so quickly, I..." he trails off, shaking his head as he holds you close.

Remus rests his hand on your cheek as you move closer, beginning to relax again now that you're close. "Didn't want you to know," he murmurs softly. "Didn't want to scare you. It had to be done. They're ours now." He sighs softly, his eyes falling closed but he's not sleeping, merely resting beside you. "I'm so glad you're safe. If anything had happened to you..." It hadn't occurred to Remus until it was too late that he might not be able to protect you like he thought he would.

"Don't' even think about that right now," Sirius replies, his hand slowly stroking your back. "Nothing happened to me. I was fine. It was you I was worried about. Remus, you fought him to the death. You knew one of you would die, I... fuck the fucking Order. Fuck it all. I put you before all else, and I can't lose you."

"The good guys always win," Remus replies and attempts a smile but winds up wincing when it hurts to move his face that way. "Ow," he mutters, trying to stay still. "If I didn't think I had a good chance of winning, I would never have brought you here."

"Stay still," Sirius commands softly, sliding his hand up to gingerly trail his fingers along your jaw. "You got... your face, he... it's a nasty cut," he finally says, opening his eyes to gaze at you. "I tried to heal it, best I could, but I... I'm afraid that I..." his sentences are choppy, a clear indication that he's upset. "I can't heal them completely. I'm sorry, I... I tried, but my skills, I... god, I'm sorry."

Remus opens his eyes as your fingers trail along his jaw. He doesn't really understand what you're saying but he can tell you're upset. "Shh." His thumb gently strokes your cheek. "I'm sure you did your best. It's okay. It only hurts a little." He feels like he used to feel before you and James and Peter became animagi, except worse, because this time he wasn't attacking himself, another werewolf was and it was vicious. "I'm glad you're safe."

"I'm fine," Sirius replies again, his voice a bit too high pitched. "Fine. It's you I'm worried about. If you... if you're up to it, I could help you move onto your side, and I could try to heal anything as best I can. I already tried on your face, and your chest, but I... didn't want to wake you. You needed your rest more than anything."

"I...I can move," Remus says as he begins to shift onto his side, the pain so much more intense than usual that he isn't abe to hide it as he usually does. "Ohhhh god," he moans, his face creased with pain. He stops, having moved about two inches and gasps for breath. "I don't know if I can," he admits in defeat, his voice breaking. He knew this was going to be hard, but the reality is somewhat different than he expected and while he wishes you didn't have to see him like this, he is glad you're there, otherwise he'd be dealing with this alone.

Sirius' stomach clenches when you admit you don't know if you can move, and he grips his wand tightly, forcing himself to stay calm. "It's okay, just stay still. The worst of them... they were on your chest. I already cleaned them up as best I could. The others... they won't scar, I don't think."

Remus stays still as you suggest, and simply gazes at you. "I'm glad you're here," he whispers. "I'm okay. Just tired, and sore, like always. I'll be better tomorrow." For the first time in years, Remus finds himself wishing he was in the Hogwarts hospital wing, having Poppy fuss over him. He knows you've done your best, and he adores you for it, but it still hurts almost more than he can bear.

"We could leave tonight," Sirius murmurs, although he's not sure whether that's a good idea or not. "If you wanted, maybe. To get you back, safe and sound, and in a real bed. Our bed."

Remus wants that so badly, but if he can't even roll over, how on earth is he going to get up and walk to the train? "I don't know..." He is quiet for a moment and takes a deep breath to control his wayward emotions. Screwing up his courage, Remus grits his teeth and moves, groaning deeply as he pulls himself up into a sitting position. He pants lightly, the movement taking it out of him. "Is there....Is my back alright? Can you fix it?" His voice is laced with pain, but overriding that is determination. He doesn't want to stay here. He organised the group of werewolves when he was here last, so they know what to do. He knows all he has to do is owl them, but he needs to be able to walk first.

Sirius sits up immediately, his hand on your side to steady you, wishing he hadn't asked you to move in the first place. "Cor, Remus," he mutters, examining your back quickly, wanting to get this done as quickly as possible. "It's okay," he replies, biting his bottom lip. "Scratched up, but I should be able to fix this. It'll be tender, but it shouldn't scar." He lifts his wand and carefully moves it over the injuries on your back, murmuring healing charms beneath his breath, concentrating intensely on healing you as best he can.

Remus' eyes close as he sits there, waiting for you to finish. "I'm sorry you had to see that," he murmurs after a while. "I shouldn't have let you come with me, but I'm glad you're here now."

"Don't say that," Sirius snaps, without meaning to, his nerves already frayed. "Don't apologise. I only want to help you. To make you feel better, that's all. I love you so much, Remus." After a few more charms he drops his hand, gently guiding you back to lie down again. "You should've, of course. I couldn't imagine not being here to keep you safe."

Remus gazes up at you wearily. "I love you too," he replies softly, giving you a crooked smile. "I feel better with you here. And I feel better already now with those charms." His eyes close but at a sudden thought they snap open. "Please don't tell Harry about this," he pleads softly. "He already feels bad about people being hurt and I don't want him to feel guilty about this. I knew what I was doing."

"I won't tell him," Sirius replies, pressing himself close to you again. He wants to pull you into his arms and hold you tight, but forces himself not too, knowing it'd just hurt you. "I won't say anything. I'll just stay with you, and make sure you get better, okay?"

Remus sighs with pleasure as you move closer and he reaches up to touch your chest, feeling your heart beat beneath his fingers. "Okay. Stay. That's good. I'm glad you're here." He keeps forgetting that he has already said that, trying to keep focused on you as snippets of last night come flashing back to him, random black and white images, the scent of blood and fear, and worry about you when he finally transformed.

Sirius rests his hand over yours, and he leans closer, pressing a very soft kiss to your forehead. "Won't ever leave you," he promises, trying to sound firm and strong. "Love you too much." After all that happened, he's just so amazingly lucky to have you alive, and by his side still.

Remus looks pleased as you kiss his forehead and his fingers rub your chest lightly. "Love you more than anything," he replies, his eyes beginning to droop. "Had to protect you. I did, didn't I?" That was the plan but he can't remember now. He remembers sinking his teeth into Nathan's throat, remembers the way Nathan clawed at his face, remembers the thrill of victory when Nathan's body stilled, but doesn't yet remember finding you afterwards and making sure you were alright.

"You did," Sirius agrees, smiling sadly. "After Nathan fell, Moony singled out Padfoot. I don't think the other wolves knew really what to do. They just sort of... followed you. Alpha male, and all." He'd like to make a joke, but he can't quite bring himself to do it.

Remus manages a small smile as he finally gives in and allows his eyes to close. "Moony loves his Padfoot. Couldn't let anything happen to him." He sighs softly, his fingers slipping down your chest to rest on his stomach. "Love you... much." Unable to stop it, Remus falls asleep again, his body relaxing beside you.

"Love you too," Sirius whispers, holding you close. "God, so fucking much." He closes his eyes but doesn't sleep, unable to drift off when you're so weak and hurt. He wants desperately to take you home, but knows that you need to rest first, before that's even an option.
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