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Who: Hannah and Draco
When: Yesterday afternoon
Where: Hogwarts
Rating: NC-17
Description: Hannah gives Draco a tour of the Hufflepuff dorms and something unexpected happens while in the boys dorm room... Then something is said and anger ensues.

Hannah steps into the fireplace with a hand full of floo powder. She calls out the name of the Slytherin Common room and drops the powder, quickly vanishing. Within moments, she's appeared in the common room and glances around, dusting herself off as she steps out. Cautiously she looks around, unsure of where you may be or how to even get out of here. "Draco?" She calls out.

Draco looks up from his vantage point in a corner seat away from the fire. He checks his watch when he hears it flare up and smirks when you pop from the grate. "Hullo," he mumbles, standing quickly. He smooths out a few wrinkles from the front of his shirt and walks towards you. He's a but tousled but really, with no one around he wasn't too worried about it.

Hannah smiles as she sees you, still dusting ash from her clothing. She steps over to you and nods curtly in a greeting. "Hello," she replies. Looking around, it does feel eerily quiet and empty. "So, you've been keeping yourself busy?" She looks back to you, giving you a smile.

"Been reading a little." Draco clutches his hands behind his back loosely and squares his shoulders. "I think I'm breakins some sort of unwritten law by letting you in here," he drawls, "perfect or no." His smirk is friendly enough but there nonetheless.

Hannah laughs softly as she looks around the room. "It's nice, but a bit dreary if you ask me." She steps over to the couch, walking along the back of it, dragging her hand along the leather. "You lot have nicer furniture, however," she muses as she looks over her shoulder at you. "I'm afraid my common room won't compare to this one. Are you sure you still want to see it?"

"You get used to that, really." He watches you
move closely, raising a brow when you caress the couch. "Of course we do. You can't breed evil without nice furniture." Draco is a bit surprised you'd even ask. "I want to, yes." He walks towards you and holds out his elbow with exaggerated flourish.

Hannah is a bit taken aback when you offer your arm to her. She looks at it for a moment, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. Nevertheless, she slings her arm into your's and motions towards the door with her free hand. "Lead the way, Malfoy," she winks, her smile now stretching from ear to ear.

Draco stiffins a little when you take his arm but oi, old habits die hard. He grins at himself and leads the way, a foot kicking out at the stony exit from the Slytherin commons. It opens slowly and he leads you through. As the two of you walk he's not sure what to talk about. He's never really socialized outside of his own housemates before. "So, er." He coughs lightly. "How's the.. weather?"

Hannah walks beside you, glancing to the floor every once in a while then back up to you. "The weather... is just fine. Today wasn't so bad, just a bit humid," she replies as she arches a brow. She doesn't usually prefer talking about the weather, so instead, she tries to change the subject. "Pansy seemed rather upset about something. Do you know what she could be talking about?"

"She tends to hoard me." Draco smiles slightly at that thought and stuffs his free hand in his pocket. "Hasn't quite gotten over the part where I don't fancy girls." At that admission, no matter how often he'd touted it in those journals, his face still flushes. "Er, as it were," he adds, as an afterthought. He looks at you almost sheepishly and stops walking. "This is it, isn't it?" His gaze flicks quickly to what he's sure is the Hufflepuff entrance.

Hannah notes how your cheeks turn red and she just smiles softly. "Well, she must have really liked you then. It'll hurt her for a while, but I'm sure in due time she'll get over it," she says in a soothing tone. She stops with you and looks over to the entrance. "This is it," she assures you. Pulling her arm out from your's, she steps up to the entrance, mutters the password and watches as the door opens. "C'mon," she says with a nod of her head and holds out her hand to you.

Draco laughs. "Oh yes, she will, but I won't live it down." When you drop his arm he backs up a pace and tries to look innocent as he tries to overhear the password. You're too quiet, however, blast. He looks uncomfortable for a second when you offer your hand; but he just shrugs mentally and takes it, following you eagerly inside.

Hannah leads you inside and stops just as they enter into the common room. "Well, this is.. the common room," she explains, looking around it and smiling as she feels right at home when in here. "It's brighter in here than in your common room," she says with a slight grin. "That's our mascot over the fireplace.." she trails off, motioning to a golden badger.

Draco's gaze explores the room. It's certainly brighter, a bit more roomy than he thought it'd be. "Not bad," He says simply. His eyebrows shoot up when you point out the badger. Curious. It looked like an actual stuffed animal. "Nice taxidermy," he mumbles, but keeps any other comments to himself.

Hannah arches a brow, having heard that. "I don't condone such acts, but that's our mascot and that was there before any of us even came here," she says, but smiles anyway. "Um, I can bring you up to the boys dorms because, well we know what happens when a boy tries to go up the stairs of the girls dorms..." she trails off, grinning rather wickedly.

Draco blinks when you defend the .. stuffed badger. So much for asking if it was charmed to do anything spiffing. "Ah yes," Draco grins, "stair sliding. It's a sport, you know. At least in the dungeons." This was certainly proving to be interesting. Not to mention sort of yellow. He leans closer to you once you're finished speaking, raising a brow and grinning slyly. "You're not chatting me up, are you?" he whispers,
honestly curious.

Hannah snorts, "so I've heard of that sport. The boys do like that game around here as well," she muses. As you lean in, she arches a brow and after you speak, the expression on her face molds into surprise. "Am I what?" She asks, rather confused, but curious nevertheless.

Draco's grin widens at your reaction to his question. He looks ridiculously smug right now. "Are you hitting on me, Abbot?" It's likely a rude question to ask when getting a tour, but really, it seems like you are and if anything, Draco does love flattery.

Hannah's jaw drops open slightly, but she never lets go of your hand. She's speechless because even though she wants to say that you're wrong, she knows very well that sometimes her flirtatious side can spill into her acts of kindness. This has been a problem before, but on some occasions, it worked out for the best in the end. "No," she finally says after a long pause. "Well, maybe," she corrects herself. "Sometimes I tend to do that.. I'm sorry if I've done something that you didn't want me too..." she trails off, unsure of how to get herself out of this one because you said it yourself that you prefered blokes and she feels like a right arse now.

Draco grins triumphantly when your jaw drops. He waits patiently for your answer, and though he'd almost expected a good smack about the face for asking, it's good to hear you say 'maybe'. He lets out a short, breathy laugh when you apologize. "I don't turn away flattery, you know." A wicked idea comes into his mind as he realizes you haven't let go of his hand. Grand-père Marius would absolutely roll over in his grave, and he loved the idea of vengeance on all levels however small and secret they were. And so, waggling his brows sarcastically, he brings your hand up and towards him and plants a soft kiss on your knuckles.

Hannah's jaw stays dropped open as you bring her hand to your lips and place a kiss on her knuckles like that. In a way, she's confused but flattered herself nontheless. She closes her mouth and slowly runs the tip of her tongue along her lips. But slowly, a wicked grin slowly creeps over her features, unsure of where this could be going. "So long as you're not offended," she says, never pulling her away from you. She's unsure whether or not it would be a good idea to go upstairs or not.

"I'm certainly not." Draco leans forward and quickly kisses your cheek while he's at it. He's almost giddy right now; and though you really don't do anything for him on a base level, he can't argue against it being fun. "Show me the dorms, then?"

Hannah can't help but smile. She does think you're cute, but all the same you are gay and this wouldn't work. However, she does think it would be fun just to snog for a bit and no one really had to know. "Okay," she says with a curt nod and leads you up to the boys dorms. "This will be the one and only time that these rooms are clean..." she muses as she opens the door and takes you inside.

Draco nods in return and follows you to the dorms. Once you've opened the door he looks around, blinking when yellow-flamed torches spring to life in the room. It looks just like the dormitories in Slytherin only less dark. Well, that's really of no surprise to him. Without bothering to ask, he finally lets go of your hand and sits on one of the beds. He looks up at you and smirks. "Softer than ours," he concedes, leaning back on his hands.

Hannah watches you and smiles slightly then casually steps over and sits down next to you. "So Hufflepuff has better beds than Slytherin? I suppose things had to balance out. Nice furniture and horrible beds," she laughs softly and holds both hands in her lap, just looking over at you.

"Yes, I suppose." The corner of Draco's mouth twitches a little. He leans towards you and reaches up, touching your hair lightly. He could kiss your cheek again, he reckons, but that's boring and not in the least rebellious so instead he leans towards you and kisses your lips instead.

Hannah is taken by surprise at your decision to kiss her like this, but who is she to stop you? She reaches up to cup your cup in her hand, thumbing it softly as she returns the kiss and slowly leans back, soon lying down on the bed. It may not go as far as she'd like it to, but this is good enough for her. She deepens the kiss, sliding her hand to the back of your neck.

Draco can't believe this. Your hand on his neck is nice, and he's pulled down onto the bed with you. At first he simply goes with it, you're a brilliant kisser after all, but once he's settled it hits him how soft you are, how sweet you smell, and the musical ladylike sigh you make when you deepen the kiss reminds him that you're.. a girl. He sucks in a breath and breaks the kiss, his teeth lingering on your lower lip as he pulls back slowly. His hand moves from your cheek to your hair and he gives you an abashed, lopsided grin of sorts.

Hannah gently traces a fingertip up and down the spine of your neck, causing goosebumps to form there. She places her free hand to the back of your shoulder, pulling you down just a bit closer. This wasn't supposed to happen at all, but she's not going to go against it -- it feels rather nice with your smooth and soft lips pressed against her own. Her hand slides away from your shoulder and gradually glides down your arm, her thumb tracing over the muscles there. As you break the kiss, she opens her eyes and looks up into your's, thinking that this couldn't possibly be real. But, she returns the grin and softly kisses the corner of your mouth then begins to trail soft, hot kisses along your jaw.

Draco's mind is reeling from all of this. This isn't like the time with Pansy, no, that'd been a short kiss, and there most certainly hadn't been shivers running down his spine last time, no, that was very new. He closes his eyes and rolls to his side, fully enjoying the feel of your lips on his jaw. The Slytherin in him, in other words, most of him was telling him it was perfectly alright to simply enjoy himself here. "Abbott.." he whispers, looking at you through his lashes, "D'you think he should stop?"

Hannah is surprised to feel how smooth and soft your skin actually is -- it's warm and delicate to her touch and she enjoys the feel of it very much. Too bad you swing in the other direction, you're a great kisser and she can only imagine the rest, but that's the other side of her that anyone rarely sees. As you roll onto your side, she opens her eyes and pulls her hands from your body and rests them on her own stomach. "I'd say no, but it's probably best that we do..." she trails off, looking up at you.

Draco shifts a bit so his head is resting on his elbow. He studies your face for a moment, and really, you're very pretty but your words aren't so innocent like your expression is trying to be. He gives you a wicked grin and runs a finger along your forearm lightly. "I'd rather not stop." His expression is thoughtful. Either way he looked at it the contact was nice; he'd been by his onesies for days. His finger slides from your arm and ghosts across your chest curiously.

Hannah arches a brow slightly and he knows you must see right through her -- her innocent expression is not fooling you and she's not at all upset for that. "That makes two of us then," she replies as she watches your finger trail from her arm over to her chest. She doesn't stop you and instead, is willing to let you do whatever. That same wicked grin sweeps over her features and she brings a hand to your chest and lightly scratches her fingers down, passing your stomach and stopping right at the belt of your trousers. Her eyes, now looking down at the belt, shift back up to look into your's.

Draco's eyes close when you run your fingers down his chest. It brings a tingle to his recently healed ribs but it doesn't hurt or anything, in fact it's quite nice and he lets out a sigh. This was probably a horrible idea; but he'd heard your lot were good at keeping secrets so why the hell not? He raises a brow when your fingers hook into his trousers and he can't hold back a smirk. "You're fiesty." He states simply, chuckling lightly. He pops open a button or two or three on your blouse. "M'not stopping you, either."

Hannah's grin grows into a smile, her teeth slightly showing. "You wouldn't be the first to tell me that," she says as she skillfully unbuckles your belt with just one hand, tugging at it as she does just to tease. Her heart begins to beat faster as you unbutton her blouse, the excitement building within her. She leans up and presses her lips to your's, quickly moving into a deep kiss and lets out a very soft moan.

"That's a relief," He drawls, though there's plenty of mirth behind it. His hips jerk forward when you pull on his belt and the absolute scandal of the situation makes it that much more exciting, that much less wrong and with a girl than it really is and when you push your tongue into his mouth his hand forgets your chest and moves to your neck to pull you a bit closer. He's imagining you're someone else, someone he's wanted for yonks, and he's certainly a taboo fantasy but it keeps him from being turned off and in fact he can feel heat traveling quite quickly to his groin, thanks.

Hannah finds herself being pulled in to the kiss even more and by this, she knows you're enjoying this and doesn't bother to let up or slow down. With both hands now, she unbuttons your trousers then so.. very... slowly.. she pulls the zipper down and all the while is still kissing you hungrily; her tongue dueling with your's. Just as she's unfastened your trousers, she breaks the kiss and pulls away, getting up onto her knees, forcing you down onto your back completely and brings a leg on either side of your hips, stradling you. She leans down and kisses you hungrily once again, but soon breaks that as well. With a wink to you, she only continues to press hot, wet kisses down your throat, now unbuttoning your shirt as well.

When you break the kiss, he watches breathlessly as you make your way to your knees and move so quickly to crawl atop him. Your movements make the fabric of his trousers move ever so nicely in all the right places and his eyes roll shut again. For a very brief moment he remembers what came the last time someone straddled him - a fist - and he closes his eyes and inhales sharply at the memory. This time, however, he's met by your lips on his and that makes for a nice change to the story so far. His hands trail through your hair and he ignores the length of it, or the idea that it might possibly hurt a bit if he grips it tightly. He bites his lower lip when you kiss at his neck and his collar. Okay, maybe not such a bad idea after all..

Hannah feels your fingers brush through her hair and even if it did hurt, she hadn't felt the pain. Her mind is focused on the both of them, not paying much attention to anything else.As she pops open each button of your shirt with her fingers, she presses a kiss shortly after -- kissing over your chest and slowly works her way down to your stomach. There, she gently sucks on the skin, giving you a hint of what's soon to come. She swirls her tongue around your navel teasingly and glances up at you with half hooded eyes, the color of them darker than usual, filled with desire. Slowly, she runs her tongue over her lips and hooks her fingers beneath the brim of your trousers and pulls them low enough to reveal your hard member to her. She wraps her delicate fingers around it at the base and begins to stroke it generously.

Draco's eyes slide open the first time you nip at his skin. Seeing your eyes heavy and lidded with desire makes him groan a bit but it's no longer about your being a girl anymore, it's about how he feels and it's bloody good; and though it's like you're in control of things he'd beg to differ. The way you look at him says enough and though your hand on his shaft is fucking wonderful he manages a brief smirk. "Good at that," he whispers, his tongue flashing out to wet his lips. Understatement of the year, he's sure, as he finds he's suddenly a bit boneless beneath you.

Hannah can't help the wicked smirk that's now appeared over her features, happy to hear you compliment her that way. You don't have to tell her, she can see it in your facial expressions and your reactions. Although, hearing it is always nice too. "Mmm.. So I see," she replies in a soft tone and leans down over you once again. She stops the motions with her hand and brings her mouth over your cock, slowly taking it in. She's in control at the moment, but she'll play your game and pretend with you that you're the one in charge. This wouldn't be first time she's played this game.. Darting her tongue out, she brings her head back, licking along the shaft of it and stopping at the very tip where she sucks on it gently, taking it slow, just to be a tease.

Draco makes a mild noise of protest when he feels your hand leave his cock, but soon it's replaced with your tongue and his brow furrows. He mumbles something that sounds suspiciously like 'fuck' and his head tilts back. He's tempted to pull you towards him, but he simply grips your hair tighter, urging you on a bit. His stomach is tingling ever more fiercely and he swallows thickly when you slowly tease the head of his little friend. "Tease," he whispers, and when he opens his eyes it's Blaise's face he sees for just a brief second.

Hannah brings her head back completely, looking up at you for a moment as she tucks strands of hair behind her ear, her eyes half hooded still almost looking sinister in a way. She runs her tongue over her lips, wetting them then biting on her bottom lip to scrape her teeth along it before leaning down again, her mouth positioned over your member once again. This time, she brings her lips over the head of it, sucking on it gently and moves so very slowly, taking you in inch by agonizing inch until she's got you completely in. Licking along the shaft with her tongue, she sucks on it harder and begins bobbing her head.

Draco raises a brow and licks his lips at the look on your face. When you pull your head back he brings one hand behind his head, the other trails softly down your cheek as you look at hiscock hungrily. He groans at your slow pace, hand moving from your cheek to his own thigh and he rakes his nails over it, adding to the sensation of your mouth and all the tingling before has turned into a steady, throbbing, building, aching heat and he's not quite aware that there's definitely something that sounds like a name coming from his lips, and certainly not aware that the name is not 'Abbott' or even 'Hannah'.

Hannah smiles as best she can in this situation, sensing or rather feeling you get hotter for this. She's just about to give you more of what you want until she hears a name... and it most definitely is not her's. In one swift motion, she stops whatever she had been doing and pulls back, now on her hands and knees hovering over you. "What?!" She blurts out, her hair a bit disheveled and fanning around her face. "Did you just call me... Blaise?!" Even though they're not dating nor even good friends, it still makes her blood boil that you've called out someone else's name when she's the one with you right now. "Unbelievable," she huffs angrily and moves away from you and off of the bed.

Draco's eyes snap open when you stop. He gives you a look of confusion at first, as he's geniunely curious but you look.. angry. His face is flushed and he was just about to.."Why'd you--" His eyebrows shoot up when you cut him off, and before he can even think of anything else that could possibly go wrong you ask him that? His jaw opens and closes a few times in absolute shock. "I.. I did?" he finally manages. He sits up slowly and covers his now waning erection with a hand. "I.. well, Abbott. Look." He stands and quickly works on zipping up his trousers. "I didn't mean to?"

"Oh, shut up." Hannah retorts angrily as she looks over her shoulder to you. She buttons up her shirt quickly and walks over to a mirror, anger and frustration pulsating through her at the moment and she'd like nothing more than to slap you across the face. Hard. Brushing her fingers through her hair repeatedly, she tries desperately to fix her blonde strands. "And yes, you did say that," she adds, stil very angrily. Turning on a heel, she stares at you, looking decent once again.

"Don't tell me to shut up." Draco mutters petulently. He doesn't bother buttoning his shirt, and once you've turned around he cautiously approaches. "I'm sorry.." he shrugs. His cheeks are red in frustration and embarasment. He runs a hand through his hair in an attempt to flatten it but doesn't bother looking in the mirror.

Hannah arches a brow and opens her mouth to say something, but holds back, not wanting to get into a row with you right now. "Don't apologize," she replies a bit nastily and walks past you towards the door. Opening the door, she turns back to look at you and motions towards the stairs. "Well," she says impatiently. "We can't very well stay here."

'Don't apologize' he mouths the words
nastily behind your back. Sure it's a bit immature but he is who he is. "Coming, coming," Draco mutters, bending down to retrieve his belt before stalking to the door. You're quite pretty when you're angry but he's not in the mood to be slapped today so he keeps that thought in his head and pushes past you. "Fine. I'm hungry." He whispers as he passes, hoping you'll not yell at him for that too.

Hannah rolls her eyes as she shuts the door behind her and follows you back down the stairs to the common room. "I'm sure you can get food from the kitchens," she says in a normal tone, though she's still quite upset with you. Once at the bottom of the stairs, she walks over to the door of the common room and opens that as well. "I've got a meeting with Mrs Sprout, so you can't stay here unfortunetly."

Once Draco reaches the door he stops himself. It wouldn't do to just stalk off without saying something. He brings a hand to the back of his neck and kneads it, steeling his face into his best apologetic look. "Um, thanks for the tour, then." He could see that you're still quite upset and doesn't want to risk saying anything else. He shrugs, stuffing his hands in his pockets. "Cheers." With that, he turns on his heels and leaves.

Hannah is looking to the floor until you stop beside her and she looks up at you. Her face is expressionless, but it's when you thank her for the tour does she arch a brow and looks at you rather confused. "Oh.. sure.." she replies, shrugging with a shoulder. As you step out, she follows behind and makes sure that the door closes before walking away in the opposite direction.
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