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Who: Blaise & Millicent
Where: The Apothecary, Diagon Alley
When: Thursday afternoon, right after this log.
What: Blaise gives in and finally apologizes for being an assclown. Hooray for the couple of DOOME's reunion!

It had been another long day at work at the Apothecary. Millicent only had a few more weeks of working there before she would tell Jigger she'd had enough. Millicent wiped down the counter around the cash register and put up all the ingredients she'd be stocking that day. She wanted nothing more than to go home and relax by herself for the rest of the night.

Blaise was still shaking his head and muttering himself when he found himself standing on the steps of the Apothecary. Seeing Sirius Black as a weepy man-girl had changed him, somehow. He eyed the door for a moment, considering his options. Only an hour ago Evan was telling him to forget about Millicent, but really.. he missed her. All of this shit was just too much angst for his wee little teenaged brain to handle. Blaise opened the door and stepped inside, recoiling at the smell. "Augh.. this place is wretched," he snorted, resisting the urge to pinch his nose unmannishly as he looked for Millicent.

Millicent was in the back locking up the store room when she heard the extremely annoying jingle of the bell on the door. "We're closed!" She bellowed to the retarded customer who had walked in. Not hearing a response, she continued locking up and walked back to the front of the store. Honestly, Blaise Zabini was the last person she thought she'd see standing timidly in the Apothecary doorway, wrinkling his nose at the stench. One got used to it after awhile, you know.

Argh, the smell really was awful in here. He raised an eyebrow at Millicent's shouting and grinned slightly when she appeared. At least she was here. He didn't fancy having to confess his love for that Jigger fellow who seemed quite dodgy most of the time, anyways. "Listen, Millicent.." he began, adjusting his bag on his shoulder. "I have something to say to you."

Blaise couldn't have come at a worse time, honestly. She was sure she smelled like dried hippogriff shit, and positive that she looked even worse. Her hair was pulled back and her forehead and shining with sweat. Not only was it smelly in there, it was hot as a bloody sauna. She self conciously wiped the sweat from her brow and continued shutting things down. "I'm not sure I have time for this, Blaise."

It didn't matter that she looked like something the niffler dragged in right now. At least she was there and not weeping like some bloody hormonal man-girl beast. He manuevered over to here, taking her by the elbow to swing her around to look at her. "I just have to say that all of this that's been going on is complete bollocks, Millicent." he says, a bit surprised at his own bravery. Figuring he might as well go on, he licks his lips and continues. "I'm sorry I didn't pay enough attention to you. I'm sorry I slept with Pansy. It was a bastard thing to do and just because she was there and willing I shouldn't have really done it anyway. I can't really apologize for all the shit with Draco even if I did cause most of it," he pauses here and shrugs one shoulderedly, adjusting his bag. "I don't know if me and him will ever be friends again. But I'm sorry that I hurt you and went behind you back. I was a bastard for doing it and you didn't deserve it. But I miss you. A whole bloody lot." Blaise pauses again, staring down at her and taking a breath finally. "And that's all I had to say."

Millicent just stared at him for a few minutes, totally and completely dumbfounded. He'd done it. He'd actually done it. Blaise Zabini had just given the best goddamn apology she'd ever had in her life. Honestly, she was speechless. She wanted to apologize for something too, even though she knew she had nothing to be sorry for. She wanted to hug him, but she knew she stunk. "I ... I ... I don't know what to say."

"Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" he asked, tilting his head to the side and repressing the urge to grin. She hadn't smacked him yet, so he was banking on it being a good thing, really. Although she may still be getting over shock that he'd actually apologised, so he was still a bit wary.

"I .. Thanks. I needed that." Was all she said in response. Not caring about how much she smelled like nasty slimey potions ingredients and sweat, she stepped forward and wrapped her arms around his neck. She'd missed him, too.

"I.. crap," he stammered when she wrapped her arms around him. It wasn't so much the bad smell as much as the smell.. it made him sneeze right into her shoulder. "Ugh." He sniffled, wrapping his arms around her in return. Merlin, he was glad Potions wasn't his career of choice.

Millicent brushed off the fact that Blaise just bloody sneezed on her. Of course she smelled, but that was beside the point. "I'm sorry for kicking your niffler," she said as she pulled away, and continued to go about what she was doing.

Blaise was a little bit sad but a little more glad when she pulled away, rubbing his nose with the back of his hand. Cripes, he must be allergic to something in here because he sneezed again. "That' all right," he sniffled, his eyes watering as he tried not sneez again. "He," he stuttered and sneezed again. "..deserves it sometimes." Blaise muttered, his nose immediately becoming stuffy. Who knew Italians were of such a delicate constitution?

Millicent looked over at him and couldn't help but laugh. "Come on, lets get out of here before you start coughing up phlegm or something," Millicent said, grabbing her own bag and heading toward the door.

He gladly obliged, speeding past to the door and out of it, sniffing in breaths of fresh air while he held it open for her. "You know, before I came here I saw Sirius Black as a woman," he says nonchalantly, as if he were commenting on the weather.

Millicent walked outside and closed the door behind her. She froze as she moved to lock it. "You saw what?" She asked incredulously. "Do I even want to know?" She added as she locked the front door.

"It was terrifying. He..she was all upset and weeping, ugh," he wrinkles his nose and looks over his shoulder before coming to her side, turning her head gently. "Look, see!" he muttered, pointing to the vision of her Beloved Uncle Evan leading a weeping she-Sirius down the street. "So scary."

Millicent looked to where Blaise pointed, and, indeed, there was Uncle Evan walking with the most butch woman she'd ever seen. Honestly, and people had the nerve to call her butch. "That's Sirius black in woman form? ... Mine eyes."

"Hm," was all Blaise had to say about that. He wasn't about to tell her he was oggling that butch woman's chest when she made a point of jumping up and down and flailing her arms like a madwoman. Finally he tore himself away from the pathetic scene, glancing down at her. "What're you doing now?"

Millicent tore her eyes away from the Ugliest Woman Evar show and looked up at Blaise. "I was planning on just going home. It's been a long day and all. Why do you ask?" She replied, honestly. It had been a long day and all she wanted to do was shower and then have a nap.

Ooh, shower? Can he come? "Just wondering is all," he shrugged, glancing at his watch. It was a bit later than when he usually got home. He wondered if his Nonna had called in the Auror's yet. "I was going home, too."

Perhaps. Millicent looked at him and quirked an eyebrow before starting towards the sidewalk. "Are you really, now?" She asked playfully.

"Yeees," he drawls, walking beside her with a small grin. At least one bloody thing was finally getting back to normal. "I at least have to let Nonna know I'm alive sometime soon. Before she goes on a rampage with her bat and all," he snickers. "She's been real tetchy about that since my grandfather died. Didn't even want me to work in Diagon Alley, you know."

"Yeah, she is a bit scary with that bat. And with that bloody niffler, I swear I'll never go to your house again." She says, smiling as well. "Well look, you should stop by sometime."

"Only," he says as they approach the Leaky Cauldron, opening the door for her. "If you make sure those ruddy cats are locked away." Blaise grins, but he's really serious, damnit. Those cats were hazardous to anyone's health.

Millicent walks inside and turns around toward him. "Fine, if you insist. They're not as dangerous as that little niffler, though." She points out.
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