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Who: Remus, Lily, and Harry.
Where: 12 Grimmauld Place.
When: Saturday, 14 August; evening
What: Hours after Sirius and Harry are rescued from the riddle house, Remus is by his fallen husband's side; and Harry is more than a bit shaken from what he's seen. Lily makes an attempt to comfort him but isn't very successful..

Lily's job was to fret and right about now she was doing it well. It'd been hours since they'd brought both Harry and Sirius here, and she finally had Harry to herself, now that she'd sent James off to bed. She sits next to his bed and lets out a shaky sigh, forcing a small smile to her lips. She hopes its some sort of comfort to him.

In the bed next to Harry's, Sirius still lies comatose as he has done for hours now. Remus is glued to his side, holding his hand as he silently begs whoever he can think of for Sirius to wake up and be alright again. It's all he can do to keep from panicking as his gaze rests on his husband's face, so deceptively peaceful. Pressing his lips to the back of Sirius' hand, his gaze drifts over to Lily and Harry but he stays silent.

Harry sits much as he has since being brought back. Without his glasses he can't see much of what's going on anyway, so he's settled in to not really looking at anyone. He is safe in the knowledge that Sirius is there, in the bed his, and that's brought him some comfort. He knows his mum is watching, but what is he supposed to say or do? It doesn't matter. Sirius matters. Sirius... he shuts his eyes against the screams in his head, the laughter, that word, over and over. Crucio. Crucio. Crucio crucio crucio.

Lily looks up and makes eye contact with Remus for the barest moment. She'd been stuck here while the rescue happened, helping Poppy prepare beds and worrying, dreading the worst: that they'd be bringing home bodies, and when she looks at Remus she feels her stomach drop. That she'd been so grateful that her son was alright, or well as he could be; awake, alive, scared yes but all the same.. she shakes her head and looks back towards Harry. "I should've brought your extra pair," she whispers, running a hand through his hair.

Harry's eyes shut tightly. Crucio. Crucio. Sirius screamed in his mind. Laughing Death Eaters surrounded them. And then a hand, touching him, his hair -- to grab, to twist, to hurt. Whatever. He flinched and nearly shot off the bed, amazed when no other hands stopped him. "Don't!"

Lily's hand recoils quickly when Harry flinches. "Harry. Harry it's alright, it's just mum," she whispers, her voice breaking. She stops herself from touching him again, she's horrified that she can't give her son physical comfort, but it's obvious he's not ready for that yet.

Remus is startled by the sudden movement on the other bed and his already worried expression intensifies. "Harry?" he says, wondering, not for the first time today, what happened to them both. He pauses, trying to find a way to ask about what happened without upsetting Harry further.

Harry stops against the head of the bed, the wall preventing him from moving more. His eyes had snapped open and he knows in an instant that this is very different from where he was. He breathes out shakily, making out the red hair of his mother closest to him. His eyes instantly go to the bed beside him, and he relaxes when he sees Sirius still there. Lying quiet and frozen and unconscious, like his last few hours in that room with Harry. Not dead, but he wouldn't wake up. Not even a little. His chin shook a bit as he drew in a deep breath, grasping for some control.

"I didn't mean to startle you," Lily mutters, her teeth biting lightly into her lower lip. She gives Remus a slightly pleading look before she turns her attention back towards Harry. The way he's looking at Sirius worries her, and though she's worried it might startle you even further she places her hand on top of Harry's lightly.

Remus glances between Harry and Lily, wondering what is going on over there. He hasn't heard anything Lily has been murmuring and has only seen the startled look on Harry's face, and the way he stares at Sirius, not to mention the worry in Lily's eyes. "Harry," he begins again. "Do you think you could tell us what happened? Please? I need to know." His voice wavers slightly, desperately worried that Sirius might not wake up.

Harry focuses on breathing in and out, settling back against the mattress. He is back in his right mind enough not to do more than flinch when his mum's hand lands on his, but he is still guarded and...and honestly, he wasn't sure how to explain the fog in his head. He turned towards Remus's voice, to the blur of his second godfather. More than the words, he heard the misery in Remus's voice, and he knew what it was for. His head ducked, his eyes on his lap. "I'm sorry," he says in response. He isn't sure what else to say.

When Harry's hand doesn't move away from hers she slowly wraps her fingers around his palm and squeezes. She knows by now that it's baby steps he needs, and she hates that she knows how to treat her only child so clinically but it's the best she can do. "Harry, it's not your fault," she forces her voice into a calm tone.

Remus isn't at all surprised by Harry's avoidance of the question, although he had hoped to hear something of what went on. He sighs as he glances back at Sirius, his free hand sliding lightly across his chest as it does every so often to feel the reassuring thud of his heart. "It's not your fault, Harry," he echoes Lily, his eyes flickering back to the boy. "You don't have to say anything."

Harry's eyes flash. "You have no idea whose fault it is. You don't know what happened." He hates that he can't see either of them clearly, but maybe it's for the best. He looks towards Remus, but his gaze moves past him to Sirius. "I can't tell you anything that will help. It was crucio. That's all. Over and over and ov..." His voice breaks and he stops instantly.

Lily closes her eyes and lets out a tired sigh. Those absolute bastards. Her other hand comes up to hold Harry's in both of hers. She's shaking now, anger or sadness or a dozen other emotions she doesn't bother to pinpoint. "None of us expect you to be able to stop them alone, Harry, you know that," Lily asserts.

Remus' heart clenches. Over and over and over. He swallows hard and presses his lips back to Sirius' hand, his eyes tracing over Sirius' beloved features. He had been overjoyed to know Sirius was still alive, but then to find him like this, lying on the cold basement floor in the Riddle House was almost more than Remus could bear. "Who?" he finally asks, his voice angrier than he had intended it. "Who did it?"

"Who? They all did it." Harry wrenches his hand out of his mum's grasp before he can think. "Fine, I couldn't have stopped them. I couldn't have stopped any of them. I can't stop them. I can't stop Voldemort. I made Sirius take me out, I..." He stops, shaking. "Why am I even here? I'm fine. There's nothing wrong with me. They were practically bloody sweet to me."

Lily can feel the colour drain from her face at this new bit of information. All? James hadn't exactly been forthcoming about the numbers they'd faced when.. She barely notices when Harry snatches his hand from hers, as she's pretty much gone numb. "You're here because it's unplottable." Lily's voice is emotionless. She looks towards Remus before continuing, "And Sirius can't be made to do anything, really," she says firmly, looking back down at Harry with a sad smile.

"All?" Remus repeats, with growing horror in his voice. He remembers how many Death Eaters they'd had to get past in order to find Sirius and Harry and feels sick. It doesn't stop him vowing to kill them though.

Harry shrugs. "All the ones in the room with us. I guess. I don't bloody know, they broke my glasses, and after a while I couldn't...I couldn't watch anymore." He shut his eyes, slumping against the bed.

Lily remains silent, her fingers clenching against the bedside sheets. She bites back a wave of nausea at the idea of her child having to go though this.

He's going to be alright, he has to be. The words are repeated in Remus' mind as he tries to convince himself. It's been a hell of a month, and just when Remus had thought things were settling down, this had to happen. "I'm going to kill them," he says matter of factly but as he continues, the anger in his voice increases. "After I crucio them until they pass out."

Harry flinches, eyes on Sirius. He wishes for a moment that his mum with her concern and her touch, and Remus with his anger and demands, will just leave. He just wants to stay with Sirius to make sure he's safe. But he knows that's unfair, that Remus is more upset about Sirius than....well, AS upset, maybe. He decides to play the only card he can think of, and turns to his mum with bright eyes. "I'm tired, mum."

Lily nods and pats the bed beside Harry. "Try to get some rest then," Lily replies, knowing Harry well enough to know he wants to be alone now. Her face softens when she looks at him one last time. "I love you," she adds, standing quickly. She rounds the bed, approaching Remus. Her eyes flick to Sirius' still form and she places a comforting hand on Remus' shoulder. "He'll be alright," she whispers, just loud enough so Harry can hear.

Remus nods, hoping that Lily is right but he's terrified that Sirius might finally have run out of luck. "He'd better be," he replies shakily and takes a deep breath. He glances over at Harry and then up at Lily. "I'm not leaving him. I'll be quiet so Harry can sleep but I'm not going anywhere."

Harry's eyes squeeze shut as he listens to them. How much more pain can he inflict on these people before they stop telling him nothing is his fault? How much more can Voldemort do before he stops being so stupid and getting himself and everyone else put in such danger? Voldemort has his wand now. His glasses. Maybe his godfather. How much more is he going to lose before he stumbles across whatever secret spells might help him defeat Voldemort once and for all? He sighs and lays down, turning his back on them for now. He'll turn back around soon, though, because he doesn't like Sirius being out of his sight.

Lily squeezes Remus' shoulder tightly. I'd argue that you need your rest, too, but that won't fly, I'm sure," she keeps her voice hushed so as to not disturb Harry. Her hand moves from Remus' shoulder to his back, rubbing there idly. You're tense, not that she can blame you; but she hopes it's a comfort nonetheless. "Goodnight, Remus."

"I can rest here." Remus is nothing if not stubborn. He leans into Lily's touch, though his eyes don't stray from Sirius' prone form. "Night, Lily," he replies softly, finally glancing up at her to give her a grateful look. "I'll let you know if anything changes." He's hopeful that Sirius will wake up at any moment and he needs to be right here when that happens.

"You'd best," Lily nods, though she knows there won't be much rest for you until Sirius is up and about.. if he ever wakes. If she were in your shoes she'd be reacting the same way, and for one moment she remembers what it was like to have James in hospital fifteen years ago. She shakes her head to clear her thoughts of that and manages a half smile. She drops her hand from your back and lightly taps her finger under Remus' chin. "He's strong. Like you, and like James; and we'll get them back, just like we've done before." She's still quiet but she means every word, her shoulders straightening, and she turns to walk away right then because it's about all she can take, and the last thing she needs is for you or Harry to see her break down.
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