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See what jail time does to a man..

Who: Evan and Laura
When: Early Saturday evening
Where: Their home
Rating: NC-17
Description: Evan is released from the Ministry and it's been a long week for the both of them

Evan, exhausted, angered and rather dirty from not having showered in almost a week, approaches his front door with what little happiness is left. He peers up at his lavish home then sighs gently as he places his hand on the door knob and opens the door. Stepping in, he looks around the room, taking in every detail and that smell... The smell of cleanliness and warmth. He shuts the door behind him and tosses his robe onto a house elf that has suddenly appeared at his side. "Where's Laura?" Evan asks the elf in a dull tone.

Laura has been amusing herself with your journal for most of the day. She is sitting in the living room, amused by the young Tonks girl's nerve but at the sound of the door and your voice, her eyes light up and she hurries into the next room and throws her arms around you. "Oh, Evan, thank merlin you're home," she says, smiling brightly at you -- that is, until the smell hits her and her nose wrinkles. "They don't have showers at the Ministry?"

Evan wraps his arms around your waist, holding you close. It's nice to see someone so beautiful, feel someone so soft. You're a sight for sore eyes. After a few moments, he lets go of you and just rolls his eyes. "I was locked up the entire time and small portions of some sort of food three times a day." For the first time in a week, he smiles as his eyes lock with your's, not saying another word.

Regardless of the smell, Laura is still smiling at you, so incredibly happy to have you home. "I hope you're going to make them pay for their mistake then," she says as she takes your hand in hers and leads you towards the stairs. "Andrew isn't here. I sent him to stay with my mother. He knows that you were arrested but I made sure he knows how wrong it was." She sighs as they begin to walk up the stairs toward their bedroom - and the shower. "He's so angry about it. He seems so much older than eleven right now."

"I intend on making a lot of people pay for this," Evan says with a curt nod and follows you up the stairs - his hand clutching your's. The smile on his face just grows as you explain how you've dicussed this issue with Andrew and how Andrew has responded. "It's good that you told him. I'm glad that you did and I'm not surprised by his reaction. Andrew may grow up faster in these coming years that we thought possible."

Laura isn't sure how she feels about that right now, but puts that aside as they enter the bedroom. "Do you want to have a shower? Or perhaps we could take a bath together if you prefer." She smiles at you quite innocently, but you know her better than to believe it, she's sure. "Oh. I found your journal,"
she says casually, watching you closely for your reaction.

Evan proceeds to follow you into the bedroom, noting how you've decidingly dropped the subject of Andrew and growing up. That doesn't surprise him. He laughs very softly, smiling from ear to ear as you try to act sweet and innocent when in fact, he does know you better than this. "If you wouldn't mind bathing with a criminal," he says with a wink. But it's when you mention finding his journal does the smile gradually fade from his lips, leaving only a smirk. "Clever girl," he says in regards to you mentioning the offer of a nice bath together (sex) before a troubling subject. However, he doesn't seem too phased by the idea. "Have you figured out how to use it?"

Laura laughs softly. "Not only did I figure out how to use it, I have been conversing with a surprising number of people through it." Her expression turns deliberately vulnerable as she gazes up at you. "It might interest you to know that certain people have been using it to threaten me..." She turns her back to you and glances up at you over her shoulder. "Unzip me?" Her voice is soft and smoky, her eyes warm as they lock on yours. She has missed you and it shows.

"Ah, you mean gossiping?" Evan replies with a wicked grin. "I know how you much you enjoy doing that." He narrows his eyes suddenly, focusing squarely on you. No threatens you nor his son and when such incidents take place, he feels it's up to him to show the error in the ways of those individuals. "Who?" He asks in a demanding tone as he takes a step closer behind you and begins to slowly pull the zipper down your back. His eyes struggle to look into your eyes and the revealing skin gradually being shown to him as he unzips you.

Laura stifles a smile at your demanding tone and as the dress is unzipped, she lets it fall to the floor at her feet and carefully steps out of it. "James Potter," she says, her bottom lip wobbling as if it was so very upsetting to be threatened like that. She moves closer and begins to unbutton your shirt, gazing up at you with an expression that inspires protective feelings in men. "It's all in your journal. Lily Potter was also very aggressive. And Ted Tonks was horrid too. It's been a very trying day."

Evan's eyes sweep over your body as you turn around to face him - admiring your long and smooth legs, the curve of your hips, the fullness of your breasts and how soft your skin actually looks. It may have been just a week, but for him, a week without you, without having to see or feel you was more than he couldn't bear to stand. As he watches you unbutton his shirt, he helps you out by unbuckling his belt. Looking down into your expression, he does indeed fall for your trick and sees how vulnerable you had become to all of this and he won't stand for it. "I'll let him know, in my way, that he will never think about threating you ever again. Potter and Tonks," Evan sneers, the anger slowly building, but it's being surpressed by you and your actions at the moment. "You're my wife and like hell I'll allow for them to say or do anything to you."

Laura is very pleased to hear this, exactly what she told James would happen when you found out what he was doing. She slides her hands up your bare chest and pushes your shirt off your shoulders. "I told him you wouldn't be happy about it but he didn't seem to care," she informs you as she runs her hands back down your chest to your trousers. "At least that freak werewolf had the good sense not to reply to me." She shudders delicately at the very idea of it.

"Lupin is someone else I'll have to deal with," Evan replies in a low and angered tone. He unbuttons then unzippers his trousers all the while looking down at you and enjoying the delicate feel of your hands gliding over his body. "Moody is at the top of list, though. I will see to it that he will never bother us nor any of the Death Eaters again..." he trails off in a sinister tone, grinning wickedly. Reaching up, he gently brushes your hair aside and leans in, craning his head down to kiss your neck softly.

Laura shivers with pleasure as you talk of silencing people and she leans closer to you, sliding her arms around your waist. "Let's go and get in the bath," she murmurs, deciding that you'll have to be a lot cleaner than you are before she'll kiss your skin. She helps you out of the rest of your clothes and then reaches back to unfasten her bra, letting it fall to the floor as she pushes down her underwear and steps out of it. Taking your hand, she leads you into the bathroom and sets the water running to fill up the tub. "You must be tired after dealing with so much this week," she says sympathetically.

Evan helps you to remove his clothing, but watches you as you undress as well, wanting so much to just take you right here and now. But, he tries to pace himself as he walks into the bathroom. "You have no idea," he replies as he dips his fingers into the bath to test the water. "What made some of it worth my time was when those moronic bastards at the Ministry apologized to me today," he says with a smile. When the water is hot enough, he sits on he edge and takes your hand, helping you into the bath.

Laura takes your hand and smiles at you adoringly as you help her into the bath. She settles in the warm water and sighs contentedly. All is right with the world, now that you're home. "I'm just so glad to have you home," she says with a smile as you slide into the water beside her. "I've missed you so much this week."

Evan is happy to hear that you've missed him - he missed you as well, in more ways than one. Sliding into the water, he grabs the soap and begins to lather it up. "How much have you missed me?" He asks with a evil grin and an eyebrow slightly

Laura moves opposite you so she can watch you, leaning back to rest her head against the edge of the bath. She smiles as her foot rubs along your calf. "I've been all alone here in this big house," she says, pouting slightly. "I've missed having someone to protect me, and hold me, and kiss me and touch me," here she pauses and runs a hand down over her stomach, "and make love to me." Now she slides her fingers down to touch herself more intimately, her wicked gaze locked on yours.

Evan washes himself, happy to have such accomodations such as soap and water. But, as always, you grab his attention. Watching you closely, he can't help that evil grin from growing and let the excitement build within him. His eyes follow your hand, gliding beneath the surface of the water and now moving between your legs. "And for the nights that I wasn't here to make love to you... Did you have to take care of things yourself?" He asks in a low tone.

Laura takes her time to lick her lips before replying. "No," she says honestly. "I thought it would make it that much sweeter when you returned if I didn't." And now she is horny as hell and you can see that by the heat that is already flaring in her eyes. "I touched myself," she admits, her other hand moving over her body too. "But never enough."

"Good girl," Evan replies softly and suddenly disappears under the water. Within a few seconds, he's reappeared at the surface, but is now right in front of you. His head is just above the water and right at your stomach. Peering up at you, he grabs your hand beneath the water that you are touching yourself with and pulls it out of the water. He grins wickedly and kisses your hand, dragging his tongue along your fingers while beads of water slide down his face.

Laura gasps as you grab her hand and lick her fingers. "How about you?" she asks, squirming beneath you, wishing you would touch her there. "Did you miss me?" Her leg slides up against yours, and she reaches out to touch you, running her hands over your skin wherever she can reach. She wants you, needs you, but she wants to know how much you missed her first.

Evan lets go of your hand and pulls himself forward a bit more, moving over your, though still has his body submerged in the water. Although, he presses a kiss just above your stomach and darts his tongue out to taste your skin. Slowly he drags his the tip of his tongue up your body, stopping just between your breasts. "Very much so," he replies as he places a hand on your thigh and gently rubs it, gradually moving it to your inner thigh. "I didn't do anything," he says in regards to even touching himself while in jail. "But it hurt so much not being with you or knowing how you were doing.." he adds softly. Pushing his upper body above the water a bit more, he glides his fingers over your folds and gently moves past them, finding your clit.

Laura's smile softens when you say you missed her very much and she reaches up to gently touch your face. She lets out a soft moan as your hand moves over her, and her legs spread a little wider, encouraging you to move your hand - oh, yes, right there. She moans a little louder, her hand cupping your cheek to draw you up closer, so she can kiss you eagerly. "Mmmm, missed this," she murmurs delightedly and kisses you again, her hands sliding down to grip your strong shoulders.

Evan deepens the second kiss you give him, drawing you in as he slips his tongue into your mouth and runs the tip of it along the ridges of your teeth. He has a hand firmly placed on your waist while his other hand continues to rub your clit, but more insistantly now. Gradually he settles his body over your's, your breasts just grazing his chest. With the same hand that is touching you, he brings two fingers down to press at your entrance then slowly pushes them into you and begins a rub at your insides.

Laura runs her hands over your chest as she
kisses you back, revelling in the taste of you and the feel of you, so much stronger and so much bigger than her. Her hand moves slowly down your chest to your stomach, gently caressing you and finally her fingers curl around your cock and she strokes it firmly. As your fingers slide inside her, she arches up against you, crying out with pleasure as your fingers move inside her, loving the way you do that.

Evan breaks the kiss upon feeling your fingers wrap around his cock, sucking on your bottom lip as he pulls his mouth away from your's. Keeping his eyes closed, he lets out a soft moan, feeling the gentle strokes of your hand move back and forth over his shaft. When you arch your body up against his, he instinctively pushes his fingers deeper into you, moving them in a quick motion. He brings his body closer to your's, now flush against you as he latches his lips to your neck, pressing kisses over it.

Laura groans with pleasure as your fingers move deeper within her, her hand tightening around your cock in response. "Evan," she pleads, her eyes dark with desire as she wraps her legs around your waist and guides you closer, wanting to feel your thick cock inside her. "Pleasepleaseplease now," she begs, writhing up against you.

Evan grins wickedly down at you as he hears you beg for him. He pulls his fingers out and grips both of your hips firmly. In a swift motion, he turns them both around; he's now seated against the wall of the bath with you in his lap, your legs straddling him. For once, he's feeling submissive, wanting you ontop. "You want it, baby.." he murmurs as pulls you over his hard cock, aching to get inside of you.

Laura grins and sinks down, your cock sliding inside of her until she is resting on top of you. She licks her lips, tightening her muscles around you before she begins to move up and down along your shaft. "Mmm," she moans, throwing her head back. "Feels so good." She loves when you take control, but she also loves being on top and able to control the angle and how fast it goes. She is moving at a moderate speed right now, angling her hips so the friction is just right.

Evan closes his eyes and leans his head back, letting out a rather long moan as he feels your body tighten around him. It was only a week since he's felt anything of this sort - a week far too long for him and for you as well he's sure. "Oh fuck," he groans and begins to slide both hands up your flat stomach. His eyelids fall closed once again, just feeling your body moving in such a perfect and rhythmic motion. They continue up and soon smooth over your breasts, taking them both into each of his hands.

Laura moves faster, moaning as your hands cover her breasts so pefectly. "So long," she murmurs breathlessly, her hands gripping your shoulders tightly to keep steady as she moves up and down on your cock. "So good though."

Evan rounds his hands to your upper back and pulls your body towards him. He leans forward a bit, as best he can and presses his lips to your throat; darting his tongue out to lick at your skin with every kiss he gives, moving lower. "So good," he whispers, his hot breath hitting your skin. "So fucking good," he adds, gliding a hand down your spine, tracing it with his thumb, down to the very tail of it.

Laura gasps and moans as she rocks against you, leaning forward so you have access to her throat. She moves faster, harder, whimpering as pleasure builds up inside her. She clenches her muscles around you again, increasing the friction and gasps as she pushes herself over the edge, her muscles contracting around you as she comes, gasping loudly as pleasure floods through her in waves.

Evan's hands make their way back to your hips as he feels that unavoidable peak quickly approaching in you. Resting his head on your shoulder, he tries to move his hips against your's though with little effect - it's not easy for him in this particular position in this particular place. He grits his teeth as he feels your body contracting in rapid motions around him repeatedly; the heat growing between them as the friction becomes more harsh. Just as you let out a loud gasp, he drops his head back and lets out a loud moan as well and releases, coming hard, spilling himself deep within your body.
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