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If you’ve received this, something has happened and I am no longer alive, or no longer healthy enough to stop this from being sent. As I sit here it’s odd to imagine something happening to me. My life and my position are relatively sterile and dull. But there is war coming, and nothing is certain. So I have written to all of you because I don’t wish to be remembered as something other than what I truly am. I don’t fear death. My only fear is that one of you die before me, not having read these words. So please, whatever you may think of me, do me the favor of suffering my letters.

Fred and George.

I started to right you both separately, but I abandoned that. There’s no point, I know, since you’ll exchange letters anyway. I don’t have very much to say that isn’t directed at you both anyway. I do want to add before I really begin that I’m well aware that you’re both very different, however much you want to deny that.

I’ll start by saying something that should please you to hear: I am terrified of the two of you. Truly. More than anyone else in the family, even dad. I cannot even begin to understand how your minds work, and yet the two o you are so amazingly brilliant.

I know you think I don’t realize it, but I do. Why do you think I nagged you so often about grades and work? Because I know the intelligence is there. You could have been prodigies. And you are, just in a field very different than what I imagined for you. But that’s as it should be. We all want to be accepted for who we are. I wished that from you, even while not giving you the same courtesy. It was wrong of me.

Anyway...Ron and Ginny look up to you both so much. I know responsibility isn’t something either of you want, but I hope you look after them. I know you care for them, and they admire you so much. I could never be there for any of you the way you’ve been there for each other. I hope you don’t let that go.

Of everyone I’ve written to, you’re the two I doubt most will read these words or believe them. There’s something freeing in that. I’m half certain this parchment will find a fire before your eyes find these words.

But then, I never did give either of you enough credit.

At any rate, I want you to know that I’m proud of you both. You’ve accomplished amazing things, and you’re vibrant and charming in a way I’ll never be myself. I love you both.

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