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Who: Cedric and Pansy
Where:Quidditch Pitch
What: Friendly conversation
When: November 9th

Cedric ran a hand through his hair, grinning. He gazed out at the pitch, feeling much more at home than he ever had in his flat. Sometimes he worried that he'd become too fixated on his years at Hogwarts and would end up in the Leaky Cauldron someday telling stories about the time he caught the Snitch in fifth year, having never moved on to anything better. He sighed, sitting down in the Hufflepuff bleachers.

Pansy was sitting not far from the Hufflepuff bleachers reading her potions text. She was wearing Draco's winter coat and her Slytherin scarf and was rather enjoying the brisk weather and the solitude of being outside near the pitch with no one from her house annoying her. She looked around for a moment and noticed Cedric sitting not too far from her. She hesitated to call out to him in case he wanted to be alone, but she didn't want to seem rude either. So she settled on waving at him when she thought she caught his attention.

He smiled back and returned the wave. He didn't hesitate long before wandering over and sitting nearer to the girl. "Hullo. Interesting reading?" He raised an eyebrow, gesturing to the textbook open on her lap.

Pansy grinned widely when he sat down. "Hi." She replied and chuckled when he asked about her homework. "Not at all, I'm really beginning to regret taking potions this year. And to think of all I went through just to get into it." She said shaking her head. "Are you enjoying being back?" She asked casually

"I am. Too much, maybe." He smiled, shoving his hands into his pockets. "I'm sure I should be moving on and living my life instead of reliving my years at Hogwarts." He shrugged. "But I'm going to enjoy it while I can. I'm lucky to have been invited back." He looked over at her. "How are you?"

Pansy chuckled. "What's fun about moving on anyway? I am going through this phase of where I almost don't want to leave, but I still can't wait to get out of here, it's all very conflicting really." She smiled a bit and shrugged. "I think I'm okay. Surviving. Which is all I think should be expected!" She said grinning widely.

Cedric laughed. "I didn't want to leave at all. I guess I never really realised I'd actually have to leave one day." He looked down at the pitch. "I love this place. Not just the pitch - the school, the grounds, all of it." He wrinkled his nose at her. "Just surviving? That isn't any fun."

Pansy smiled. "I think it wouldn't be so bad if circumstances were different maybe. I don't know. It's been a weird year. But I think it's going to be even weirder when I leave." She sighed and got quiet for a moment. "Well it's good that you came back then, if you missed it you should have come back. Maybe they can give you a job or something?" She asked hoping she sounded helpful. "Well, it's about all you can do in my position, but I don't know that it can get worse, which means it can only get better. Or stay the same. But I like the idea of having something to look forward to."

"A fellow optimist." Cedric grinned. "Just when I thought I was the only one left." He shook his head. "I've got a job, and a good one. I just need to learn to deal with things the way they are, really. Plus, I get to play Quidditch, which is all I ever wanted anyway. Granted, I'll be on the bench the rest of the year, but at least I'm still part of a team."

Pansy laughed. "Not always I'm afraid, but I try real hard." She said nodding. "Well getting paid to sit on a bench doesn't sound too bad. Granted it must be better to play. I don't have a clue what I'll do when I leave."

"Sadly, sitting on the bench isn't paid very well. Still, I haven't given up on eventually starting." He withdrew his hands from his pockets, rubbing them together. "I'm sure you'll find something. It's hard to decide, but eventually it all works out, and sometimes you find that something you never even considered is the perfect career for you."

Pansy shrugged. "Well, I have 10 galleons left from the 42 I left home with over the summer! So I'm sure it pays better than that!" She said happily. "Well, I feel like I should have been thinking about this all along, but, I've only just started thinking about it. I never thought I'd have to work. Ever. So here I am, good at nothing, and trying to scramble to find what I can manage."

Cedric laughed. "Well, I never thought about it either, if that helps. And I suppose I'm doing all right. Anyway, I don't believe you're good at nothing. Maybe you're just not giving yourself enough credit."

Pansy smiled sweetly at him, "That actually makes me feel better. I mean who knows I might be a quidditch star. Granted I don't fly, but what does that have to do with anything?" She said jokingly. "Oh no, I get mediocre grades, and nothing has really grabbed me, I just made the mistake of not paying attention sooner I think. I wasn't worried about it, I was more worried about finding a husband." She said feeling a bit pathetic, but keeping her chipper mood in tact.

"And you haven't found one yet? That's surprising. Anyway, I was never good at anything but Quidditch, and I got a job in the bookstore. I mean, it's not the kind of job that you dream about when you're a kid, but it pays well enough, and I enjoy it." He shrugged. "I'm sure you'll find something."

Pansy made a confused face furrowing her brow. "Found one what?! A husband?! Ahhhh no. Not even close. When I was 12 I thought I'd marry Draco, I figured he'd grow out of that pulling my hair thing, but when he grew out of that he grew into . . . fancying boys. And seeing as how he's the only one still talking to me, I think my chances of finding a husband in that lot are slim to none." She paused for a moment. "You know, my whole life was always planned, and as soon as I diverted from that plan, everything kind of went to hell. But I didn't. I'm . . . Still okay. It's weird." She said sighing, "Well when you become a famous Quidditch star that doesn't sit on the bench, remember the little people and hand over the bookstore job." She said smiling wryly.

He laughed. "It's a deal." Cedric thought about everything else she'd said. He supposed his father had always planned for him to play Quidditch, but that was different. After all, he loved Quidditch, and couldn't imagine not playing. "I'm sure if you can survive that, you can handle something like finding a job. Shouldn't be a problem at all." He smiled. "After all, someone who can handle that kind of stress is sure to stand out to employers."

She held out her hand to shake his. "Shake on it then? When you're famous I get to arrange books." She listened to what he said and nodded, he had a point, "Well that is until they find out I have no skills, no intention of cleaning windows, and heavy lifting brings out my inner spoiled brat." She said cheekily.

He laughed, shaking her hand. "All right. But if you get famous or rich first, you've got to help me out. I don't know how, but I'm sure if the time came I could think of something. It's only fair. Anyway, there are worse things to do than wash windows. You could always end up as a nanny. I, for one, would much prefer the windows to screaming children."

Pansy chuckled and nodded firmly. "Deal. I've been rich, you'd be amazed at all one is capable of when there are unlimited funds involved. I'm sure we could find something to do to help you out! I mean, I had more clothes than anyone." She said jokingly, of course she was aware money bought more than clothes, but if she couldn't laugh at herself, she didn't have much of anything left at all. "Oi, I'd rather not do either. Maybe a desk job. Where I just have to sit there and be cute, or like, a personal shopper, I read about that in Witch Weekly once a couple years ago. I remembered thinking that if I ever had to work, I would be really good at that." She said chuckling half heartedly.

"Have you ever thought about modeling? I mean, it's a difficult business to get into, but if you've got an eye for fashion..." He trailed off, shrugging. He wasn't just being complementary of her looks, he thought she'd make a very good model. "Anyway, then the whole of the wizarding world could admire your looks, instead of just whoever happens to wander into whatever office you're working for."

Pansy grinned rather widely. "Well, that's a fabulous idea actually, and I'm incredibly flattered. It's definitely something to think about." She paused. "I don't know, I do have two small minor problems. I'm pretty short, and I do like to eat. A lot. I have an addiction to cheese cake and chocolate that keeps a bit of meat on my bones at all times. And that's just not something I can imagine giving up. Maybe if they just did close ups on my face." She said quite happily. She was rarely modest about her cuteness, it was one of her favourite features. She didn't see any reason to be shy about it. She liked to think that she was a nice enough person the world would forgive her vanity.

He shrugged. He didn't really know much about it, truth be told. "I suppose there are always makeup ads and things. I doubt they'd need anything other than facial shots. Anyway, I don't think all models have to be tiny-skinny. Of course, I'm not too sure about that. I could always look in some of the books at the shop for you, though, if you were really interested." He didn't mind at all. Cedric enjoyed helping people, if only for the selfish reason that it helped hiim feel a little less, well, worthless. Besides, he honestly liked making people happy. So maybe it wasn't entirely selfish. At least, that's what he hoped.

Pansy didn't have a clue what she was talking about, but the idea of people oogling her face for the rest of her life sounded like a wonderful plan. She just wasn't sure the reaction it would get from Draco. It could go either way really. He'd either rolls his eyes and pat her on the head, or he'd tell her to go for it. Or a combination of the two. She grinned. "That would be neat, I mean even if I don't become the world's cutest model, at least it's a step in the right direction of career hunting!" She said shrugging rather happily. Well she could at least write something down on her list of things to do in the future, because as of right now. That list was blank.

Cedric grinned and adjusted his scarf. "It's always nice to have a goal to work towards, anyway. Even if that doesn't pan out, maybe other opportunities will open up as you go along. It wouldn't be unheard of."

She nodded in agreeance. "Yes well it's something! Who knows what's out there? Not me that's for sure. It's so weird. The way the future just kind of sneaks up on you, and it's not anything like you thought it would be." She paused. "I'm sorry, I'm dominating the conversation here. Tell me about being a Quidditch star. Is it fabulous?" She asked grinning excitedly.

"I suppose it would be, if I was a Quidditch star." He smiled sheepishly at her. "The one time I actually start we lose the game because I didn't get to the snitch fast enough. I can only guess I'm going to be seeing nothing but the bench for awhile. Still, maybe one day I'll be able to tell you about my dazzling life as a sports star."

Pansy rolled her eyes. "You're as close to a Quidditch Star as I've ever met. And that's saying something. I got my quaffle signed by a chudley cannon this summer." She said smirking. "And I look forward to it, you can come visit my aging self in the bookshop. Where I'll have my prematurely greying hair pulled back in a bun like McG and you'll come by and tell me all about the glories of Quidditch life. And I'll be dusting off bookshelves." She said teasingly.

Cedric grinned. "You never know, you might like dusting off bookshelves. It might be just the thing for you. Anyway, you never know. We could both end up as the two old crazies in the Leaky Cauldron, discussing our glory days when I was captain of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team and you were the cutest girl in school."

"I just might enjoy it! That is very true." She said feeling a little doubtful about the manual labor part of it all. "Oh well, that would be fun too, discussing over a few shots of firewhiskey about how great the good old days were. And what a stellar Quidditch player you were, and how my face could have launched 50,000 ships!" She said laughing, and she was quite glad to have some company. It was nice talking to someone who didn't hate her. And wasn't obligated to talk to her on account of he was her best friend.

"Of course, by then I'll have arthritic knees and you'll only have three teeth left, but we'll be completely mad so it won't matter." Cedric enjoyed the company as well. But then, he'd always liked being around people, even though he wasn't too much of a talker. Still, even though he was on the quiet side, he'd always loved being around others.

Pansy shuddered a bit. "Oh sure leave me to be toothless." She said chuckling. "And we'll wear ridiculous hats I'm sure. They'll have to haul us out of there at closing time."

Cedric chuckled. "Plus several scarves and ratty coats. And once kicked out, we'll wander around the streets looking for somewhere else to get booze, then off home to collapse until the bars open again. Aah, what a life."

"I can hardly wait. I think I'll knock a tooth out tomorrow just to get a head start. Although I'll hold off on the booze, last time I drank I was so sick." She said smiling a wide toothy smile.

"Well, that's no good. Though I suppose you have plenty of time to work up a tolerance." He smiled, half to himself, looking out over the pitch.

"No, it wasn't good. I'll have to do it small doses before I'm a full fledged lush." She said smiling. "I appreciate you talking to me. I hope I didn't keep you from anything?"

He shook his head. "No, I've just been wandering about all day. Restless, I suppose. I'm rather grateful that you talked to me, really."

Pansy nodded. "I know how that is, I wander quite a lot these days too. Or I hide in the Room of Requirement and play the piano. Or I'm out here. So if you're ever wandering around in my neck of the woods, I'll always be glad to talk to you. I like company, and it's few and far between these days." She said sincerely.

Cedric gave her a genuine smile. "All right, then. I'll be sure to do that. And maybe sometime you can play the piano for me. I haven't a bit of musical ability myself."

"Good. I'll hold you to it, don't make me stalk you." She teased. Pansy nodded excitedly. "Well you can fly, I can't, it's only fair!" She said grinning. "I've been taking lessons since I was five! I'd be glad to play the piano for you. Playing the piano is very fun, and very relaxing. I haven't played for anyone in ages."

"Well, I'd love to hear it. And if you want, I can try to help you with flying. It's only fair." Cedric stood, stretching. "I should probably let you get back to your reading, and I've got some plays I wanted to look over. See you later?"

Pansy chuckled. "You can try if you like, I think I'm beyond help though." She said nodding at him. "Yes, fun and fancy potions studying." She said holding her book up triumphantly. She nodded. "Count on it. Have a good rest of your day." She said nicely.

"You too." Cedric smiled before turning and heading back for the castle.
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